MA-Shops: Story about CDMA

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MA-Shops presents: Comptoir des Monnaies Anciennes Founded in 1977 in France (in Epernay, the world capital of Champagne), CDMA (Comptoir des Monnaies Anciennes) has placed itself among the leaders in its business in Europe, developing recognized expertise in Numismatics and … Continued

MA-Shops presents new dealer

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MA-Shops presents: Hugo Vanhoudt With proud we introduce  QNumis-Vanhoudt to you! QNumis is a shared initiative of Hugo Vanhoudt and Jan Laureys, both numismatists for many years. QNumis stands for quality in numismatics. The offer of coins, medals, numismatic related material and books … Continued

Denarii on MA-Shops

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MA-Shops: Denarii from the Late Republic The family theme types. The iconography of coins from antiquity had two main purposes. On the one hand to make clear which authority minted the coin on the other hand to spread a message … Continued

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