Sigismund III Vasa

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King of Poland

Sigismund III Vasa was the King of Poland and Grand Duke of Lithuania from 1587 until his death in 1632. He was also the king of Sweden from 1592 to 1599.
He is well known for his coinage, which featured his portrait and various symbolic elements, reflecting the political and economic situation of the time. These coins are of historical and numismatic interest to collectors.

The most common type of coin associated with Sigismund III is the silver thaler.
In addition to thalers, Sigismund III’s coinage includes smaller denominations such as half-thalers, quarter-thalers, and smaller silver coins like groschen. The designs of these coins typically followed the same pattern as the larger thalers, featuring the king’s portrait and royal symbols.
Sigismund III also issued gold coins, known as ducats, which were used for larger transactions and as a store of value. These ducats often depicted the king in regal attire on the obverse side and various coats of arms on the reverse.
Due to the historical significance of Sigismund III and the popularity of his coinage, these coins can be found in the collections of numismatists and coin enthusiasts, but also on MA-Shops. Click here for the coins of Sigismund III.
Sigismund III issued several types of coins during his reign, here are just a few examples:

Sigismund III Ducats: Ducats were gold coins that were highly valued and widely used in trade during Sigismund III’s reign.

Poland Ducat 1595 Sigismund III Danzig, Lithuanian Commonwealth AU(50-53)

13,365.00 US$

Weight: 3.50 g
Catalog: Kopicki 7517. R4
Mint mark: DANZIG
Crowned bust of Sigismund III, Coat of arms of the city of Gdansk in an ornate shield, supported by two lions facing each other with the head 3/4 face, monogram PK between the two heads.
A magnificent example of a ducat of Sigismund III, struck in 1595, during the period of the Commonwealth between the Grand Duchy of Lithuania and the Kingdom of Poland.
This is a very rare coin and there are few known examples for this date. From Gdansk mint showed by the coat of arms of the city between the lions., SIGISMVND III – D G REX POL D PRVSR, MONE NO AVR CIVI GEDANENSIS 95 / PK

Sigismund III Thalers: Thalers were large silver coins that became popular throughout Europe during the Renaissance.

Poland Thaler 1629 Sigismund III. 1587-1632

3,650.00 US$

Catalog: Gumowski 1218, Kopicki 1379 (fig. 1378), Davenport 4316.

Sigismund III Ort: The Ort was a lower denomination coin, often made of copper or silver. The worth 1/4 of a thaler. They were widely used in daily transactions.

Poland Ort 1623 Sigismund III

337.00 US$

Sigismund III Poltoraks: Poltoraks were silver coins worth 1/24 thaler.

Poland / Lithunania Poltorak (1/24 thaler / Dreipölker) 1619 Sigismund III NGC MS66

2,190.00 US$

Diameter: 20.00 mm
Catalog: Kopicki 3508 R8
Vilnius mint Silver, sharp relief details, beautiful mint mirror, an exceptionally beautifully preserved, very rare – unique in this state of preservation, for experts on the subject !!
The highest and only such rating of NGC!

Sigismund III Trojaks (3 Groschen): Trojaks were silver coins of smaller denomination, often equivalent to three groschen.

Poland / Lithuania Trojak (3 Groschen) 1590 Zigismund III Vasa aXF

730.00 US$

Weight: 1.90 g – Diameter: 21.00 mm
Catalog: Iger V.90.4.a (R2), Ivanauskas 5SV17-11 (RR)
Vilnius mint.
Condition aXF, nice toned, rare and very nicely preserved coin made by embossing on cylinders (with a characteristic bend)

The designs and denominations of his coins varied throughout his reign. Today, these coins are often sought after by collectors and numismatists for their historical and artistic value.

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