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The History

The history of US Dimes is quite fascinating and dates back to the early days of the United States.
US Dimes are a denomination of coins that are worth 10 cents and they are a type of coin that has been issued by the United States Mint since the early 19th century.
They are generally smaller in size and value compared to other denominations like quarters or half dollars.

When searching for US Dimes on MA-Shops, you can expect to find a variety of listings from different time periods, conditions, and mint marks. Mint marks indicate where the coin was produced, and they can have an impact on the coin’s rarity and value.
Some Dimes are also more valuable to collectors due to their historical significance, or unique characteristics. Collecting Dimes can be an engaging way to explore the history of the United States and its coinage.

There are the following types of dimes:

Early Dimes (1796-1837):
The first official Dime in the United States was the “Disme,” which was produced in limited quantities in 1792. However, the first widely circulated Dime was the Draped Bust design, introduced in 1796. These early Dimes featured the profile of Liberty on the obverse and an eagle on the reverse. This design went through various modifications during its run.

USA Dime 1800 Very Rare Draped Bust PCGS XF

3,850.00 US$

Weight: 2.70 g – Diameter: 19.00 mm
Catalog: KM-3
Mintage: 21,760
Coin most likely recovered from sandy soil which makes light markings on the obverse. Even so, the coin is very nicely toned without any other problems.

Capped Bust Dimes (1809-1837):
In 1809, the Capped Bust design was introduced, featuring Liberty wearing a cap on the obverse. The reverse usually depicted an eagle with a shield. These Dimes went through several design changes, including variations in the size of the date and lettering.

Dime 1821 Capped Bust NGC MS-64 Toned Large Date

9,487.50 US$

Weight: 2.7 gr. – Diameter: 18.8mm
Certification number: 3275548-002
NGC coin ID: 14497
Mint: Philadelphia
Mintage: 1186512
Designer: John Reich

Seated Liberty Dimes (1837-1891):
The Seated Liberty design was introduced in 1837 and featured a seated Liberty figure on the obverse, holding a staff with a liberty cap. The reverse had various designs, including variations with wreaths, stars, and arrows. This design lasted for several decades and underwent a number of modifications.


9,000.00 US$

Weight: 2.67 g – Diameter: 17.90 mm
Catalog: 4561
Mintage: 682,500
Popular First Year Issue of this beautifully designed No Stars Large Date 1837 Liberty Seated Dime. 1837 Seated No Stars come in two type Small Date and Large Date. Large Date is approximately three times rarer than the Small Date counterpart. Large Date is rare in MS63 and higher. This example has a rather unique look that is not often seen on silver Dimes. Leather Brown over Sun Yellow hues peaks through the devices displaying bright luster as it showcases its elements. A dazzling specimen that is sure to bring a strong premium in today’s market.

Barber Dimes (1892-1916):
The Barber Dime, named after its designer Charles E. Barber, was introduced in 1892. It featured the head of Liberty with a Phrygian cap on the obverse and an intricate wreath on the reverse. The Barber Dime is known for its simple and dignified design.

USA 1900 S 10C SP66+ NGC

275,000.00 US$

SPECIMEN STRIKE. Unique as Certified. Turn of the Century Date. Compared with the 1894-S BM Proof this represents a relative no-brainer at this value!
The recent sale of the 1894-S Dime owned by Dr. Jerry Buss (former owner of the Los Angeles Lakers) at more than $1,300,000 to super collector Dell Hansen has been ALL OVER various news outlets including CNN. Of course, any time one of these super rarities pops up it creates an intense fervor. But what about some of the great rarities that exist that don’t see the light of day because they trade inside the inner layers of the coin community? Some of these remain some of the most exceptional opportunities within the marketplace. At one time these coins were completely misunderstood, but advancements in numismatic research have been uncovering the truth.
Today, the 1894-S Barber Dime is one of the icons of American coin collecting. With a mintage of 24 coins and an estimated survival of just about 9 examples, it is one of the most desirable coins in the history of the U.S. Mint and one of an elite club of pieces which routinely sells for more than seven figure sums at auction.
If you had the chance to acquire a 94-S Dime decades ago, obviously you’d be sitting in a phenomenal position today.
It is interesting to note that no public knowledge of the 1894-S Dimes was made outside the Mint’s walls until a 1900-year article in the ‘Numismatist’ magazine mentioned them for the first time. It is entirely possible that the 1900-S was struck upon that news, and it would make perfect sense as well in a turn of the century date.

Winged Liberty Head (Mercury) Dimes (1916-1945):
In 1916, the Winged Liberty Head Dime, commonly known as the Mercury Dime, was introduced. Despite the popular nickname (often mistaken for the Roman god Mercury), the image on the coin is actually a representation of Liberty wearing a winged cap. The reverse features a fasces, a symbol of authority and strength. This design is highly regarded for its artistry.

US 1918-D Mercury Silver Dime MS65FB PCGS

17,500.00 US$

Diameter: 17.90 mm
 1918-D Mercury Silver Dime graded Mint State 65 Full Bands by PCGS
Business Strike

Roosevelt Dimes (1946-Present):
After the death of President Franklin D. Roosevelt in 1945, the Roosevelt Dime was introduced in 1946 as a tribute to him. The obverse features a portrait of Roosevelt, and the reverse typically depicts a torch, an olive branch, and an oak branch. This design has remained relatively unchanged, with minor variations over the years.

US 1948-D Roosevelt Dime PCGS MS68FB

2,750.00 US$

Strike: Mint State
Mint: Denver
Certification Number: PCGS 4639216

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