Maximianus Herculius

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Coins of Maximian

Maximianus Herculius, also known as Maximian, was a Roman emperor who ruled from AD 286 to 305. He was a co-emperor with Diocletian during the period of the Tetrarchy, a system in which the Roman Empire was ruled by four emperors. Maximian was given the title “Herculius” in reference to Hercules, emphasizing his military prowess.
He ruled the western part of the Roman Empire. During his reign, coins were minted to commemorate various events, showcase imperial propaganda, and signify the stability of the empire.
The coins of Maximian typically featured his portrait on the obverse side, often accompanied by the title “IMP C MAXIMIANVS P F AVG” (Imperator Caesar Maximianus Pius Felix Augustus).
The reverse side of the coins usually depicted various deities, allegorical figures, or military themes.
The inscriptions and images on coins issued during Maximian’s rule can provide valuable historical and artistic insights.
They reflect political events, military victories, or the emperor’s attempts to convey a sense of strength and stability.
Studying these coins can be a fascinating way to explore the history and iconography of the Roman Empire during this period.

Aureus 294 AD. Maximianus Herculius EF

34,690.00 US$

Weight: 5.24 g – Diameter: 18.00 mm
Catalog: Calicó 4661; Cohen 254; Depeyrot 9/6.
Obv: MAXIMIANUS P F AUG; head of Maximianus Herculius, wearing lion-skin headdress, to the right.
Rev: HERCULI DEBELLAT; Hercules standing to the left, club raised, preparing to strike Hydra coiled around his leg, which he grips with left hand; in exergue: PROM.
Ref: RIC -. British Museum collection, 1867, 0101.875 (these dies).
A very desirable and dynamic type. Minor smoothing in field. Extremely rare.

AR (ca. 302) Maximianus I Herculius Thessalonika unc-

3,525.00 US$

Weight 3,29gr. | Silver Ø 19,5mm.
Catalog: Sarmatians – cf. Cohen 553 | RIC- (cf. page 510,no.10 = Galerius = R5) RRRR
Obv. Laureate head of Maximianus right, surrounded by the legend MAXIMIANVS AVG
Rev. Four-turreted gateway of military camp with open doors, star above entrance, surrounded by the legend VICTORIAE SARMATICAE, TS•A• in exergue
The reverse legend of this coin refers to a victory over the Sarmatians. In 289 the Sarmatians were defeated by Diocletianus and Maximianus. Maximianus accepts the title Sarmaticus Maximus.
The Sarmatians (Latin: Sarmatae or Sauromatae) were a large confederation of Iranian people during classical antiquity, flourishing from about the 5th century BC to the 4th century AD. They spoke Scythian, an Indo-European language from the Eastern Iranian family. The Sarmatians moved to an area called Sarmatia east of Germania and north of the immediate vicinity of the Danube. These barbarous and little know tribes also occupied the vast tracts of modern Ukraine/Russia.
RIC mentions this coin type only for Galerius. For Maximianus Herculius this coin type seems to be unpublished. Coin of the highest rarity.
Very minor flan crack.
Beautiful lustrous coin with excellent details. Near mint state. unc-

Rome AD 294-297 Maximianus Herculius Argenteus

1,965.00 US$

Weight: 3.23 grams – Diameter 19 mm
Catalog: RIC 42b; RSC 219b.
Ticinium Mint.
Obverse: MAXIMIA NVS AVG, laureate head facing right.
Reverse: VIRTVS MILITVM, four tetrarchs sacrificing over tripod before city enclosure with six turrets, pellet within open archway.
Sharply struck, especially so on the tetrarchs, on a large full lustrous flan, with iridescent toning, much as struck.

Argenteus 295-296 AD Maximianus I. Herculius, Rare! aEF

1,625.00 US$

Weight: 3.45g – Diameter: 18.90mm
Catalog: RIC 25b (r3); Coh. 553c
Nicomedia, 3rd office
Obverse: MAXIMIA-NVS AVG, head with laurel wreath r.
Rev.: VICTORIAE SARMATICAE, four-towered camp gate, the two-leaf gate opened to the outside, star above the door opening, in the SMNG section
Very rare! Impressive architectural representation!

Argenteus 286-305 AD. Maximianus Herculius , Siscia 294 AD EF

1,055.00 US$

Weight: 2.98 g – Diameter: 19.00 mm
Catalog: Ric 32b coh,-
Obv; MAXIMIANVS AVG laureate head right.
Rev; VIRTVS-MILITVM four tetrachs sacrificing over tripod before city enclosure with eight turrets and pellet in doorway.

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