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Ancient Greek City-State

Syracuse, founded by Corinth in 734 BC, was an ancient Greek city-state located on the eastern coast of Sicily. It was renowned for its coinage.
Syracuse was one of the most important cities in the Mediterranean world during antiquity, and its coins are highly collectible and historically significant.
The coins were produced in various denominations and often featured images of gods, goddesses, mythical creatures, and important symbols related to Syracuse’s history and culture.
One of the most famous types of coins from Syracuse is the “Syracuse Decadrachm,” a large silver coin weighing around 43 grams.
These coins typically featured a charioteer driving a quadriga (a four-horse chariot) on the obverse and the head of the nymph Arethusa, Syracuse’s patron deity, on the reverse.
These coins are highly sought after by collectors and are considered masterpieces of ancient numismatic art.
Other types of coins issued by Syracuse include tetradrachms, drachms, and smaller denominations in both silver and bronze.
These coins often bore the names or images of prominent leaders, such as Dionysius I, Dionysius II, and Hieron II, who ruled Syracuse during different periods of its history.
Today, Syracusan coins are prized by collectors and historians for their beauty, cultural value and historical significance in understanding the ancient Mediterranean world and the important role Syracuse played in it.
They continue fascinate enthusiasts and serve as a tangible link to the distant past.

Decadrachm 405-400 BC Sicily Syracuse

211,230.00 US$

Material: Silver
Weight: 43.12 g – Diameter: 35.50 mm
Unsigned work by Kimon, AU(50-53), Silver, SNG Ashmolean:2023 (these dies), Fast quadriga driven left by female charioteer leaning forward with kentron in right hand and holding reins in left; above, Nike flying right to crown her. Below exergual line, display of military harness set on two steps: shield and crested helmet, cuirass between graves. Below the cuirass, [AΘΛA], Head of Arethusa left, wearing earring with pendant and beaded necklace; wavy hair bound in front with ampyx and caught up behind by net. Around, three dolphins swimming, while a fourth makes dorsal contact with neck truncation.
Very rare! An amazing portrait struck in very high relief, a very attractive old cabinet tone.
Pedigrée: Ex Gans 16, 19 April 1960, 196. From the Mieza and J.P. Morgan collections,  ΣYR – AKOΣIΩN

Ancient Greek 60 Litrae or Decadrachm 317-310 BC Sicily, Syracuse Extremely fine

13,540.00 US$

Catalog: Gulbenkian I, 109, 327 (these dies); SNG ANS 551.
Material: Gold
Weight: 4.26 g – Diameter: 15.40 mm
Obv: Laureate head of Apollo to the left., behind: S.
Rev: ΣYPAKOΣIΩN; charioteer driving fast biga to the right, holding kentron in his right hand and reins in his left; below: triskeles.
Ref: Ex Hess-Divo 332 (2017), lot 17.
Of excellent style. Scarce.

Sicily Tetradrachm 305 BC Syracuse VF-EF

6,225.00 US$

Minted at the time of Agathocles. Attic standard.
Obv. Head of Persephone to the left, three dolphins around
Rev. Fast Quadriga to the left, Triskeles above.
Catalog: Hoover (Vol. 2) 1348. 17.22 g.

Greece AR Tetradrachm ca. 430 BC Sicily Syracuse. Second Democracy Good very fine.

6,070.00 US$

Catalog: Boehringer 634
Material: Silver
Weight: 17.13 g – Diameter: 27.00 mm
Rev. Head of Arethusa right, wearing earring and wire necklace, hair bound by broad band from which loop of hair rises at back, four dolphins and SVPAKOSION around.
Obv. Charioteer driving slow quadriga right, above Nike flying right to crown horses.
Very minor test cut on the edge, well struck with good centering for this issue.
Very Rare.

Sicily Tetradrachm 310/304 BC Syracuse Agathocles, 317-289 BC EF

3,795.00 US$

Weight: 17.08 g. – Diameter: 27.2mm
Catalog: HGC 1536 Ierardi 164
On the campaign against the Carthaginians.
Obv. Head of Kore Persephone
Rev. Nike in front of Tropaion, in the Triskeles field. HGC 1536 Ierardi 164 17.08 g.; 27.2mm. Magnificent iridescent tint Excellent
Purchased from Bolaffi, Turin.

Sicily Syracuse Philistis, wife of Hieron II (275-215 BC). AR 16-Litrai

2,975.00 US$

Diameter: 26 mm – 13.12 gr.
Catalog: HGC 2, 1556. SNG ANS 876.
Veiled and diademed head of Queen Philistis left ΒΑΣΙΛΙΣΣΑΣ / ΦΙΛΙΣΤΙΔΟΣ, Nike driving slow quadriga right; rescent right above, A in right field.
Stormy surfaces with flashes of arctic luster bursting through the patina and subtle peaks of sapphire nestled in the recesses.
Ex Glendining (15 July 1929), lot 249.

Timoleon and Third Democracy (344-317 BCE) AR Stater Sicily Syracuse. Athena-Pegasus. TOP piece! aEF

2,600.00 US$

Catalog: HGC 2, 1400; SNG ANS 494-507.
Material: silver
Weight: 8.56g – Diameter: 22.00mm
Obv. Pegasos flies n.l.
Rev. Head of Athena with Corinthian helmet r.

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