Umberto I – King of Italy

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Constitutional Monarch

Umberto I, whose full name was Umberto Ranieri Carlo Emanuele Giovanni Maria Ferdinando Eugenio di Savoia, was born on March 14, 1844, and he reigned as the King of Italy from January 9, 1878, until his assassination on July 29, 1900. He was succeeded by his son, Victor Emmanuel III.

His reign saw Italy undergoing significant political, social, and economic changes.

Umberto I is often remembered for his role as a constitutional monarch during a challenging period in Italy’s history. His reign witnessed Italy’s transition from a collection of states to a unified nation, and he played a part in the early stages of the country’s industrialization and expansion. However, his reign was also marked by political and social turmoil, which culminated in his tragic assassination.

During his reign, several coins featuring his likeness were minted.
These coins are part of Italian numismatic history and are collected by many enthusiastic collectors.
Some of the most common Umberto I Italian coins include:

Gold Coins

Gold Coins, 100, 50 and 20 Lire: They featured a portrait of the king on the obverse and the Italian coat of arms on the reverse. These coins are often highly sought after by collectors for their historical significance and gold content.

Italy G20L 1886R Umberto I NGC MS 64+

1,060.00 US$

NGC Certification number: 5786663-013
Date: 1886R ITALY
Nominal value: G20L

Italy 50 Lire 1888 R Coin, Umberto I, Rome, Gold

11,560.00 US$

Weight: 16.16 g
Mintage: 2,125
Mint : Rome
Obv. Head left, Crowned shield within wreath divides value, star above, UMBERTO I…

Italy 100 Lire 1882 Rome Umberto I. 1878-1900 NGC AU58

7,850.00 US$

Weight: 32.26 g – Diameter: 35.00mm
Catalog: Color 18; KM 22; Sh. 31
Mintage: 1,229
Obv. Head left, transcription
Rev. Crowned coat of arms of Savoy between laurel wreath

Silver Coins

Silver coins 5, 2 and 1 Lire: This silver coin featured a portrait of Umberto I on the obverse and various designs on the reverse, depending on the year of issue. These 5 Lire coins were part of everyday circulation and are collectible items today.

Kingdom of Italy 5 LIRE 1878 Humbert I

740.00 US$

Catalog: KM-4.
Weight: 28.00 g

Italy 2 Lire 1885 R Umberto I. 1878-1900 Rare VF

185.00 US$

Catalog: KM-4.

Bronze Coins

Bronze Coins: There were smaller denomination bronze coins, such as 10 Centesimi and 5 Centesimi, which featured Umberto I’s portrait or emblem.

Italy 5 Centesimi 1896 Umberto I. 1878-1900, BU

154.00 US$

Material: Bronze

These coins can vary in design and value depending on their year of minting, condition, and rarity.
Collectors and numismatists often seek out these coins for their historical and numismatic significance.

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