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Thasos is part of Thrace.

Over the years Thrace has been controlled by numerous other countries and was completely separated in 1878 when it was split among Bulgaria, Greece and Turkey.
But before that Thrace was inhabitat by the Thracians who were Indo-European speaking people.

They not only lived in Thrace but also inhabited large parts of other countries in Eastern and Southeastern Europe.
They entirely disappeared in the Early Middle Ages.

MA-Shops is also offering a lot of Thrace Coins. You will find some of them below:

AR Tetradrachm 474-449 BC THRACE (THRACIA), AINOS

9,025.00 US$

Catalog: BMC- | SNG.Copenhagen- | AMNG.261 | May 39 | SNG.Lockett 1153 RR
Weight 15,92 g – Diameter Ø 22mm.
obv. Head of youthful Hermes right, wearing petasos ornamented with row of beads above brim.
rev. Goat walking right, Silenshead before, AINI above.
Hermes was the patron deity of Ainos, dating from the time of the Trojan War. In the Iliad, Homer mentions that the leaders of Troy’s Thracian allies, Acamas and Peiros, came from Aenus (Ainos). According to a poem by Kallimachos, the sculptor who made the Trojan Horse, Epeios, also made a wooden statue of Hermes. The statue was washed out to sea and found by fishermen by the Hebros river. The fishermen thought it was just driftwood so they tried to use it to fuel a bonfire however, it just wouldn’t burn. The fishermen were afraid so they threw it back into the sea where it promptly came back ashore. After that, the locals believed that it was a relic of the gods and built a sanctuary of Hermes Perpharaios (the Wanderer) at the nearby future site of Ainos. The symbol of the goat on the reverse was a representation of the pasture land that provided prosperity for Ainos.
Very attractive early classical style.

Greeks kings of Thrace (Macedonian). Lysimachus (305-281 BC). Tetradrachm. Sestos.

2,650.00 US$

Weight: 17.11 g – Diameter: 29.00 mm
Obv: Diademed head of the deified Alexander right, wearing horn of Ammon.
Athena seated left on throne, holding Nike and spear over shoulder. Control: bee with grain to inner left.
Thompson 31; HGC 3.2, 1750 corr. (Sestos mint not listed).

Thrace Stater Thrakia. Lysimachus, 323-281 BC, AV Stater (88-86 BC), Tomis

2,390.00 US$

Catalog number: SNG Cop.1089
Weight: 8.24 g – Diameter: 21.00mm
GREECE, THRACIA. Lysimachus, 323-281 BC, AV Stater (88-86 BC), Tomis. Posthumously under Mithridates VI.Eupator. Alexander’s head with diadem and Ammon’s horn r. Rs.Athena Nikephoros enthroned l., monograms, TO.
GOLD, small Sr., beautiful gold patina,
SNG Cop.1089

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