Great Britain Gold Sovereign

England Sovereign ND (1603-1604) NULL James I, 1603-25 NGC MS 62 Gold 140,350.00 US$

James VI and I (1566-1625)

The gold sovereign was first introduced by Henry VII in 1489 and stood at that time as the largest and most magnificent coin ever issued in England.

The successful intention of this new coin was to publicise the immense influence and wealth of King Henry VII. Subsequent rulers, such as Henry VIII and Elizabeth I, found enthusiastic use for this potent propaganda and the gold sovereign became emblematic of the riches and styles of the Tudor period.

This England Sovereign ND (1603-1604) NULL James I, 1603-25 NGC MS 62 is from the Jacobean era, in which James VI and I ruled. As son of Mary, Queen of Scots and descendant of Henry VII, he was a potential successor to the three thrones of England, Scotland and Ireland.
He was born in 1566 and already became King at one year in 1567. Several regents took control in a practical sense.
During his reign, the Union of the Scottish and English crowns took place and thus he additionally became James I, King of England and Ireland in 1603.

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Great Britain 1 sovereign 1917 George V NGC MS 63

39,690.00 US$

The mintage figure for 1917 is misgiving; due to World War I Britain came off the gold standard and in 1917 gold was scarce. Hence the entire mintage was retained by the Bank of England and bar a few coins they were all shipped to the US to pay for WWI debts.
After passing the Gold Reserve Act in January 1934, these were all melted down, hence a very small number of coins exist today. The NGC population report shows 20 examples, making this one of the great rarities of London mint sovereigns. Extremely Rare.

United Kingdom Sovereign 1831 Proof Plain Edge William IV Rare

6,775.00 US$

William IV 1831 Plain Edge Proof Sovereign Rare Condition extremely fine, cleaned in past A cheap example of this Rare 1831 Proof plain edge sovereign, These are now selling for £20,000+ in higher grades makes this cleaned example very cheap Ref – 1694
1831 Proof Sovereign Plain Edge William IV Rare

Great Britain Victoria 1863 Gold Sovereign, from the Schiehallion Shipwreck

1,100.00 US$

Catalog: S.3853; Marsh 48.
Die number 24, ‘Shield Back Type’.
Obverse: Second young head facing left, W.W. incuse on truncation, date below, 1863.
Reverse: Crowned quartered shield of arms within laurel wreath, die number 24 below, emblems below this.
From the Schiehallion Shipwreck, sunk in 1879 off the Isle of Wight, England.
The barque Schiehallion was sunk just off Blackgang, Isle of Wight in 1879. She was a fine iron ship, classed A1 at Lloyd’s, of between 600 and 700 tons. The Captain was Commander Levesk, she was on her voyage from Auckland to London, laden with a valuable cargo of kauri gum, cotton and cotton seeds. She had on board 29 souls, 13 being passengers. She came ashore in thick weather at 6am on a Saturday, it took an hour or more before she started going to pieces, being a strong vessel. Many life’s were lost, including that of a young boy who was washed overboard, after being sent to retrieve a chest full of money.

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