Septimus Severus

Aureus 201 Rome Coin, Septimius Severus & Julia Domna, Rome, Gold MS(65-70) 222,525.00 US$

Roman Gold Coins

The Roman Emperor Septimius Severus reigned from 193 until his death in 211. About 175, he married Paccia Marciana, a woman from Leptis Magna. After her death in 186, Severus found his second wife Julia Domna.

Julia was born in Roman Syria and in 187 she got married to Severus, with whom she had two sons, Caracalla and Geta. She was the first empress of the Severan Dynasty and as such she was well known for her political, social and philosophical influence.

After Caracalla killed Geta, he himself was assassinated which led Domna to commit suicide in 217.

This coin shows the Roman Emperor Septimus Severus and on the reverse we see his wife Julia Domna, mother of Caracalla and Geta.

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Aureus 202 -210 AD Septimius Severus

52,980.00 US$

Weight: 7.14 g – Diameter: 20.00 mm
Exemplary of all beauty the finest known in the archives for this very rare type. The coin has retained an integral minting shine and the blank is mirror with sublime reliefs
This is the finest example we have ever seen.
The coin is accompanied by its export certificate N°230921 issued by the French state

Roman Imperial aureus 196-197 AD. Septimius Severus

18,015.00 US$

Weight: 7.24 g – Diameter: 20.00 mm
Catalog: Calicó 2427 (these dies).
Obv: L SEPT SEV PERT AUG IMP VIII; laureate, draped, and cuirassed bust of Septimius Severus to the right.
Rev: ADVENTUI AUG FELICISSIMO; emperor on horseback right, raising right hand in salute; to the right, soldier advancing to the right, head to the left, holding reins of horse and vexillum.
Lustrous. Some edge marks. Extremely rare.
This coin was struck on occasion of Septimius entering Rome for his adventus after his eastern campaigns against Pescennius Niger.

Roman 201 A.D. Septimus Severus – Gold Aureus – Roma

5,825.00 US$

Weight: 7,26 g
Nice portrait. Regular worn. Very nice example. Rare

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