Louis XVI

Last King of France

Louis XVI, also known as Louis-Auguste, was the last king of France before the French Revolution. He reigned from 1774 until his deposition in 1792 and was executed by guillotine in 1793.
During his reign, various types of coins were issued with his image and inscriptions representing the monarchy.
Louis XVI coins were minted in different denominations, including gold, silver, and copper.
The designs and denominations of these coins varied throughout his reign and were influenced by economic and political factors of the time.

Louis XVI Gold Louis d’Or:
The Louis d’Or was a gold coin that circulated during the reign of Louis XVI. It typically featured a portrait of the king on the obverse and intricate designs on the reverse. The value of these coins can vary based on factors such as the year of minting, rarity, and condition.

France Louis XVI d’Or 1785 Paris Gold

129,685.00 US$

Louis XVI Pre-series of Louis d’or à la Tête nue 1785 Paris FDC stamped on a burnished flan.
Magnificent presentation copy minted to introduce the Type adopted called “Bare head and attached shields” presentation mint intended for the King and officials.
This Louis d’or is characterized by a neat strike the different ones are finer in particular the Heron under the Bust of the King of great finesse of execution.
Beautiful provenance: This coin comes from the prestigious Fernand DAVID collection.
This is the most beautiful royal gold coin that we have ever seen under the reign of Kings Louis.
Obv: Louis d’or perfectly centered with a velvet and an extraordinary striking shine a perfect coin.
Very rare presentation minting copy, unique to our knowledge, collectible.

France Écu de Calonne 1786 Louis XVI Gold

383,650.00 US$

Weight: 47.75 g – Diameter: 41.00 mm
Catalog: Ciani:2204, VG:92
NGC certificate number: 6066353-005
Paris, Essai in Gold, impressed from six-part collar, MS(60-62),
Remarkable example from the famous collection of King Farouk, Sotheby’s, février 1954, n° 496 (“probably unique”), then from the Paramount collection.
An exceedingly rare example, missing from public collections, a true museum piece. Although sometimes encountered in silver, no other example struck in gold is known, confirming that this is either a unique example (as assumed in the original Farouk catalog), or one of the few existing examples as such. Clearly struck as a proof, the fields exhibit a glass-like reflectivity, easily visible under light handling. Scattered, shallow scratches justify the grade given, but in no way affect the overall desirability of this artistic masterpiece., LUD. XVI. D. G. FR. – ET NAV. REX, SIT NOMEN DOMINI (mint mark) BENEDICTUM (mark) (date)

Louis XVI Silver Écu:
The Ecu was a silver coin that was widely used in France during the 18th century. It featured the bust of Louis XVI on the obverse and various designs on the reverse, such as the French coat of arms or symbolic motifs. Like the gold Louis d’Or, the value of the silver Ecu depends on its age, rarity, and condition.

France Louis XVI, Ecu de Calonne, 6 collars segments 1786 A Silver

5,950.00 US$

Weight: 29.30 g – Diameter: 41.00 mm
This coin has superb eye-appeal. Superbly struck, with fully mirrored fields and nicely frosted devices. Polished planchet / Proof striking.

France 1792-A Louis XVI – Year 4 National Convention Silver Ecu PCGS MS-64

3,999.00 US$

Catalog: Dav-1335; KM-615.1; Gad-55.
Dot (second semester) type. Exceptionally vibrant and lustrous, this blast white, argent, near-Gem example presents a fairly bold strike and wholesome overall appeal.

Louis XVI Copper Sol:
The Sol was a copper coin that was commonly used in France during Louis XVI’s reign. These coins were of lower value compared to the gold and silver coins. The obverse often depicted the king’s bust, while the reverse displayed different designs, including heraldic symbols or agricultural motifs.

France Sol Ecu, Louis XVI 1791 D PCGS MS 65 BN Copper

865.00 US$

Weight: 12.20 g – Diameter: 29.00 mm
City: Lyon
Rarity: Rare condition
Struck second semester. Very high grade PCGS MS 65 BN. Top population.
PCGS certificate number: 43733960
Coin with bright original luster. Red mint. Clipped planchet. GEM coin.

Assignats were a form of paper currency introduced during the French Revolution, after Louis XVI’s deposition. However, some Assignats were issued during his reign. Assignats featured a variety of denominations and often depicted allegorical figures or scenes of agriculture or industry. These paper notes are highly collectible today.

France 200 Livres 1791 Banknote, Hugues

950.00 US$

Date: 1791-09-12
Grade ( banknotes): AU(50-53)
King Louis XVI at top center. Black

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