Banknotes on MA-Shops – Part 1

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The first Dutch banknotes I was looking on MA-Shops for some inspiration. I wanted something new. I thought by myself, ‘’why should I not write about banknotes?’. Most collectors of coins also collect banknotes because they are both a medium … Continued

Some Stunning Coins on MA-Shops

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Have you seen these special coins at MA-Shops? Here are some beautiful coins that we want to highlight. For example, the AR Tetradrachm 288-284 BC Pyrrhus of Epeiros from the time of Pyrrhus. 28,000.00 US$ Weight 16,60gr. | Silver Ø 29mm. Obv. … Continued

MA-Shops: Story about CDMA

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MA-Shops presents: Comptoir des Monnaies Anciennes Founded in 1977 in France (in Epernay, the world capital of Champagne), CDMA (Comptoir des Monnaies Anciennes) has placed itself among the leaders in its business in Europe, developing recognized expertise in Numismatics and … Continued

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