First Banknotes

Paper Money

Money was only available in the form of coins until the 7th-11th century.

Paper money first occurred in China and the idea was brought to Europe by Marco Polo.

The first country in Europe to introduce paper money as their currency was Sweden in 1661. With the paper money they changed the way money was perceived, because with the notes being worth nothing but the value it was given it was pure fiat money.

Paper money plays a huge part in history because it was the reason for many inflations and is easy to counterfeit.

Check here some of old banknotes, available on MA-Shops.

Schweden 25 Daler SM 1716 Karl XII

560.00 US$

Catalog: Pick A62

War Treasury and Purchasing Commissions

Italy(Sardinia) 100 Lire  1746

380.00 US$

Regio Finanze-Torino
Catalog: P.S101r
Size: 34 x 21 cm

1768 Dec. 10s Colonial Currency Note

1,645.00 US$

PCGS Choice About New 55 Apparent NC-130

France 100 Livres 1720 Banknote, 1720-01-01

3,050.00 US$

Catalog: KM:A17b, Lafaurie:90
With text: …en Espces d’Argent.,Lettered left edge.,Black.

China 5000 CASH 1857

2,030.00 US$

Qing Dynasty




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