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In this blog I will discuss the subject gold from a numismatic perspective. Above all gold is a chemical element that can be found on the periodic table with it atom number 79 and the symbol Au (Aurim).

This metal can be found on earth naturally. It is a precious metal with his own characteristics with a high density, which makes it relatively heavy compared to other metals. Also a soft metal. Often combined with other metals in a alloy, most of the time to make it stronger.

A lot of gold coins, who were minted for the purpose of payment, are most of the time made of a alloy. The next coins are an example:

10 Gulden Gold 1827 B Netherlands

5,250.00 US$


50 Francs 1904 A France

2,950.00 US$

Weight: 16.12 g
Mintage: 20,000
Standing Genius writing the Constitution, rooster at right, fasces at left,Denomination above date within circular wreath
PCGS certificate number: 30834937

Gold as Money
Gold had a function as money many years before the invention of coins in ancient Greece. For example, in the ancient near East and in ancient Egypt gold was used to do payments but also to store wealth. But why is gold so attractive to us? To be honest I wanted to write a clear answer to this question but is seems to be a very hard question. It can be answered from many perspectives. From an economic, psychologic, philosophic, sociologic, artistic and historic perspective. Because I’m not educated in most of these academic fields and I believe you can write a book about this question I don’t feel sure enough to give a short answer to this question. But this observation alone is very interesting and also confirms the hypothesis that people find gold coins so attractive. Think about this!

1751 SO-J Chile Ferdinand VI 8 Escudos

6,000.00 US$

 KM-3, Cal-72

Sovereign 1821 Great Britain George IV

2,500.00 US$


Catalog: S-3800; KM-682; Marsh-5
Weight: 7.99 g
Diameter: 22.00 mm
Mintage: 9,405,000
Laureate head left. Legend reads GEORGIUS IIII D: G: BRITANNIAR: REX F: D:. / St George slaying the dragon right, date in exergue. Legend reads 1821 B.P.

US 1852 Humbert 887 THOUS $50 NGC

48,000.00 US$

Catalog: 10217
A lovely rose-tinted slug from the California gold rush. Now, this is a wholesome AU, but it’s not a coin that you’d want to throw at your neighbor as these are quite hefty.

Gold as an Investment
That the first coins were made from a natural alloy (electrum) with gold is not a surprise when you know that this metal was already in use as money in the ancient world. I have written a blog about the invention of coins before. You can find more information about this subject here ( ). Since the invention of coins most types of the valuable coins were made from gold or silver. This changed in the middle of the 20th century. It was the result of the disappearance of the gold standard in most countries. The funny part of this is that the collectors/investors demand for gold coins didn’t disappeared. This resulted in many coins from silver and gold who were minted especially for collectors and investors. These coins are minted in a high quality and loved by most collectors all around the world. Well-known are the Krugerrand, Mapleleaf, the Eagle and the Panda.

Aureus 37-8 AD Caligula

126,000.00 US$

Weight: 7.71 g
CatalogL BM-10 note; RIC-9 (R3); Giard, Lyon-159/2 (this coin); Calicó-331.
Obv: C CAESAR AVG GERM P M TR POT Bare head of Caligula
Rev: Rx: DIVVS AVG – PATER PATRIAE Radiate head of Divus Augustus
Rare with this obverse legend and bare-headed portrait of Caligula; Giard lists only three such coins, our specimen plus two others, in Vienna and Copenhagen. The variant with Caligula’s portrait laureate is considerably commoner: Caligula aurei are very desirable and scarce, but usually come in only Fine to VF condition. This coin has a contact mark on the nose of Caligula as well as small contact marks in the field in front of his nose and mouth, but its long and distinguished pedigree attests to its quality and desirability.

Mohur 1841, Calcutta or Bombay – Victoria

13,400.00 US$

Catalog: Fb. 1595 K./M. 461.1 Schl. 884 oder 885
Weight: 11.67 g
In this rare type, the head of Victoria is youthful than the more common type and the inscription is without interruption above the head.
Very rare!

Gold Inventory on MA-Shops
There can be said a lot more about gold and gold coins but in the end every collector want at least one gold coin in their collection. The good part about this is that there is almost no period in the history of coinage were gold coins were not minted. It almost fit in every collection and on the long-term you probably will make a profit on it. MA-Shops has a lot dealers with a fantastic an inventory of gold coins. From 1kg gold coins to very small gold coins. From very valuable ones to gold coins close to their metal price. I truly believe every collector who wants a gold coin can find one on

Written by Joël van Dam, Owner of Joëlnumismatics.

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