Which Coin Should I Buy?

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Every time when I am on coin fairs as an exhibitor I get the same questions about coins and banknotes. Which coins should I buy? Which coins are the best investments? And the more fanned customers ask: Which coin(s) would you buy?

These are all understandable questions of course. People spend a lot of money and above a lot of time in their collection and therefore it is not strange that they expect some sort of profit out of it. But these questions are harder to answer then some of you may expect. Even for someone who is busy with coins and banknotes every day! In this blog I will try to give the best answers as possible to these questions.

100 Schilling 1935 Austria

9,100.00 US$

Madonna of Mariazell – Magna Mater
Weight: 23.52 g – Diameter: 33.00 mm
Mintage: 951

Which coins would I buy?
To answer this question credibly I should answer it as a collector and not as a dealer. I made a decision as collector a few years ago. I only collect coins that I like for aesthetic or historical reasons. Because for this part of my numismatic busying I want feel only joy. Maybe this sounds a bit simple but since I work with coins and banknotes for business reasons every day I wanted to add more joy in my numismatic life.

So if you only want to have joy as a collector: only collect the things you like. This sounds easy but ask yourself the question: “what do I really like to collect?’’ When you just start collecting coins this is a hard question to answer. My advice to the starters is ‘’ What do you like in general?’’. If you have an answer to this question try to link this to a numismatic topic. Believe me these questions are more difficult to answer then you think in first instance.

I really like ancient history and therefore I collect ancient coins. For instance, coins from the Roman Republic. I’m fascinated by their political and economic history. How fantastic would it be if you also like this and if you can add one of these great coins of the famous Julius Caesar to your collection? MA-Shops has a great collection of coins from the Roman Republic on their portal. And I really enjoy these coins!

Denar 42 BC. Rom C. Julius Caesar

9,450.00 US$

Catalog: Syd. 1096 c
Gewicht: 3.77 g

Sextus Pompey AR Denarius

4,000.00 US$

Uncertain Sicilian mint 42-40 BC.
Obverse: Bare head of Pompey the Great right; capis to left, lituus to right.
Reverse: Neptune standing left, holding aplustre and resting foot on prow, between the Catanaean brothers, Anapias and Amphinomus, who carry their parents on their shoulders.

What should you buy? Three elements!
But now the big question. What should you buy? On fairs I always start a conversation and try to find out several things. At first, is it important for you that you possibly make profit or at least no loss on your collection in the future? If this doesn’t matter to you then my advice will be like the text I’ve written above. Find your joy only!

But, at least 70% of the collectors I speak thinks value( profit) is an important aspect of their collection. For these collectors I always give the advice: Buy the best coin you like and can afford. It is better to have one great coin then to have ten coins you like a bit. It is very important to know that this advice is very subjective. We cannot all have the most beautiful coin and we cannot all afford a $20,000 coin. It is important to keep this in mind. If you collect by this rule you create a collection you can be proud of and I promise you will!

By this rule you have to think about three elements. What is the best coin? What do I like? and What can I afford. What you can afford is something you only knows. But believe me collecting can be fun for every wallet! What you like is also something you only knows. I gave some information in text above about this element. What we numismatists and dealers can do is help you with the first question. ‘’What is the best coin?’’ The best coin is based upon at least two elements quality and rarity.

US 1922 Grant with Star G$1 

2,600.00 US$

Weight: 1.67 g – Diameter: 15.00 mm
Popular gold commem issue from a mintage of just 5,016 coins. 5,016 also issued in 1922 with a without a star in the obverse field above GRANT.

1/2 Rupie 1891 PCGS

675.00 US$

Catalog: J.712

Quality and Rarity
The quality of a coin is very important. The higher the quality the better coin is. So always try to find the best quality you can afford. It is an ongoing trend that coins in high quality increase in value every period. So if want to make profit in the future try to focus on quality.

MA-Shops has a lot of dealers who sale high quality coins. Most dealers focus on quality coins at this moment, so try to buy what you can buy because there are a lot of beauties on the market right now! The coins beneath are examples of coins who are in a high quality and are a great investments for the long-term.

Rarity is also very important for the value of a coin. The rarer the coin the higher the value of the coin. Rarity is based upon two elements. The number of coins minted and the extent of the demand from the collectors. Of course when the mintage is low a coin is more rare but when the demand is higher the rarity also increase. MA-Shops if full of rare coins. It is almost an online museum where you can buy the great pieces of art and history.

The coins beneath are rare coins. If you add a coin like these to your collection you will have a masterpiece in your collection that highly possible will rise in value. But in the end you will absolutely enjoy it.

5 Dukaten 1678, Kremsier Karl II. v. Liechtenstein

21,000.00 US$

Catalog: Fr. 76, Suchomel/Videman 433, KM 269
Weight: 17.23 g
Obverse: CAROL : D : G • EPVS • OLOMVCENsis • DVX • S • R • I • PCEPS
Reverse: REG : – CAP : BOHE : ET • DE (Mintmark) LIECHTENSTAIN – COM
Very rare!

Gold Angel 1341 France –  Philip VI of Valois

18,200.00 US$

Weight: 6.37 g
Very rare!

Written by Joël van Dam, Owner of Joëlnumismatics.

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