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Rare Coins in this Category

MA-Shops offers a nice inventory of coins from this category. For example this 10 Crowns 1914 Franz Joseph I. in a rare quality or other rare coins from The Holy Roman Empire are offered by the shop Bukovcak.

Bukovcak is well known family owned company in Slovakia. It reflects the three generation love for coins.
The professional approach consist of three men who lead the company. Most experienced Emil (82) brings a calm judgment and deliberation. Michal (65) knows exactly the right time to show passion when it s needed and Michal jr. (29) contributes with a great sense of business thinking and negotiation skills. Thanks to them, company is successful and well developed. There is also a great background team of people.

According to the origin of the firm main trade field is Central Europe (Slovakia, Hungary, Czech Republic, Poland). Thanks to their professionality, during the years they have created a prestige and popularity among the other numismatic companies.
In 2016, Bukovcak opened a store in Bratislava which become unique place for meetings with a general public but also with private clients. Now, Bukovcak  is selling on MA-Shops.

Visit the shop https://www.ma-shops.com/bukovcak

Ducat 1865 Franz Joseph I. Venice

14,600.00 US$

Diameter: 21 mm
Weight 3,49 g

Gold Guilders 1387 Sigismund of Luxembourg

1,125.00 US$

Diameter: 21 mm
Weight 3,49 g

Ducat 1800 Nuremberg – Gift to Baptism

2,800.00 US$

Catalog. Slg. Erlanger 2443 Slg. Goppelt 1069

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