Thaler on MA-Shops – Part 2

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MA-Shops: The Thaler

Since the invention of the thaler in Tirol a lot of rulers in the mid-west of North-Europe started to mint the thaler with their own iconography.

There is too little space and time to discuss al the phases of the thaler but it can be concluded that the invention of the thaler eventually led to the fact that the main trade coins in Europe were no longer in gold but in silver.

Of course there were still golden trade coins like the golden ducats, as discussed before in a blog, but since the late 15th century there was another option in Europe that was used a lot.

The thaler is minted until today, this coin is known as the Maria Theresia thaler. Between the minting of the first thalers in 1484 until the Maria Theresia thalers today a lot different types were minted with different iconographies and different weights. Most famous are probably the many different types that were minted in Germany during many centuries after the late 15th century.

Also well-known by collectors are the so called lionthalers1 from the Netherlands. The first lionthalers were minted in Holland in the year 1575 and had no reference to Phillips II on it. This must be seen as a form of rebellion, because in this year he was still the landlord of the Netherlands. The lionthaler became an accepted coin throughout almost the whole of Europe and the Mediterranean world, but especially in the eastern part of the Mediterranean, the Ottoman Empire.

1 In dutch leeuwendaalder. Daalder is etymological related to the word thaler

Some Thalers on MA-Shops:

Thaler 1815. Friedrich August

5,100.00 US$

Catalog: AKS 25, Dav. 739

Thaler 1711. Viktor Amadeus

7,600.00 US$

Catalog: Dav. 2922, Mann 569

Thaler o.J. Regensburg Karls VI

13,000.00 US$

Catalog: Dav. 2611


Written by Joël van Dam, Owner of Joëlnumismatics.

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