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Post 26.01.17

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Below some recently sold on MA-Shops

Dukat, sogen.1772 Fürstenberg Karl

“Podmokler Ducat”, 1772 Fürstenberg Karl Egon I.

21,450.00 US$

Grade: winziger Kr. im Wappen
Catalog: Dollinger 42, Fr. 1065. 3,49gr. Exemplar der Slg. K. Walter/Offenburg

Ca. 454-404 BC. Greece ATTICA. Athens. Silver TetradrachmCa. 454-404 BC. Greece Attica Athens Tetradrachm

5,500.00 US$

Catalog: HGC 4, 1597. SNG Copenhagen 32.
NGC certification number: 4377027-049

500 Kurus 1327 Türkei

500 Kurus 1327 Türkei

4,800.00 US$

Grade: EF, Rdf.
Mintage: 30
Fb. 55; KM 784; Ölcer 35.010; Pere 1020.

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