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Post 16.01.17Arsantiqva by Moruzzi

Hi all, it’s our pleasure to present on MA-Shops our new shop Arsantiqva by Moruzzi, where fixed price lots are sold and updated daily.

Arsantiqva is the international brand of Moruzzi Numismatica from Roma (member of the german numismatic association Berufsverband des Deutschen Münzenfachhandels e.V.)

The Shop offers a great selection of coins of all ages: Greek, Roman, Byzantine and soon modern coins from worldwide (Italian, Papal and Vatican ones especially), all selected according to high standards for the conservation and the aesthetics.

All coins offered in this shop are accompanied by export license issued by Italian Authority and can be shipped abroad after the purchase.





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Arsantiqva by Moruzzi offers many exeptionally beautiful coins. Some examples:

Aureus 217 A.D. Roman Empire

Aureus 217 A.D. Roman Empire

38,000.00 US$

Catalog: R.I.C., 294a/R; Cohen, 391/Fr. 200; Calicò 2768/R2
Material: Gold         Weight: 6.68 g         Diameter: 20.21 mm 

Antoninian 253 A.D Roman Empire

Antoninian 253 A.D Roman Empire

11,650.00 US$

Catalog: R.I.C., 31 nota; Cohen, 3 var.
Material: Silver         Weight: 3.37 g         Diameter: 21.51 mm 

litraLITRA IV century b.C. Lucania

5,300.00 US$

Catalog: SNG, Dan. 1500 var.; B.M.C., 1, 133
Material: Bronze         Weight: 28.91 g         Diameter: 29.76 mm 

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