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Today we’re going to talk about some new coins at MA-Shops

Blog 12.01.2017.

With more than 700,000 items is MA-Shops the biggest Collector Online Mall for coins, banknotes and medals. Every day many coins and banknotes are added by all dealers. They come from all over the world.

Maybe you’re searching for an Aureus or a Stater, US coin or Russian coin, medieval or ancient, you can find them all on MA-Shops.

All items are offered by certified dealers.

Visit the website and find the coin you’re looking for.

Below you can find a number of new coins that were added last week. Please take a look:


Dukat, sogen. Podmokler Dukat, 1772 Fürstenberg

Podmokler Ducat – 21,250.00 US$

[#Beginning of Shooting Data Section] Nikon D300S 26.04.2014 08:15:53.59 Time Zone and Date: UTC, DST:OFF Jpeg Fine (8-bit) Image Size: M (3216 x 2136) Lens: 60mm f/2.8G Artist: Copyright: Focal Length: 60mm Exposure Mode: Manual Metering: Spot Shutter Speed: 1/125s Aperture: f/14 Exposure Comp.: 0EV Exposure Tuning: ISO Sensitivity: ISO 400 Optimize Image: White Balance: Color Temp. (4000K), B3, M2 Focus Mode: AF-C AF-Area Mode: Single AF Fine Tune: OFF VR: Long Exposure NR: OFF High ISO NR: OFF Color Mode: Color Space: Adobe RGB Tone Comp.: Hue Adjustment: Saturation: Sharpening: Active D-Lighting: Low Vignette Control: Auto Distortion Control: Picture Control: [SD] STANDARD Base: [SD] STANDARD Quick Adjust: 0 Sharpening: 3 Contrast: Active D-Lighting Brightness: Active D-Lighting Saturation: 0 Hue: 0 Filter Effects: Toning: Map Datum: Image Authentication: OFF Dust Removal: [#End of Shooting Data Section]

20 Mark Georg II – 9,400.00 US$

1922 Romania Ferdinand I Gold 100 Lei, London mint

1922 Romania – 8,500.00 US$


Goldstater Celtic – 4,800 US$

British India 1841-(B) East India Company – Victoria Gold Mohur, Bombay mint

178_ms-522,000.00 US$

Grade: NGC MS63
Catalog: KM461.1, Fr-1595, Prid-18, S&W-2.1.
Material: Gold
NGC certification number: 1527197-006

1 Sucre 1892 Ecuador Pop Very Rare


1 Sucre 1892 Ecuador Pop 1/0, Very Rare

5,850.00 US$

Grade: NGC MS62
Material: Silver
ZM566, Ecuador, 1 Sucre 1892 TF, Lima, Silver, NGC MS62, Pop 1/0, Very Rare

10 Drachma 1876 A Greece 

10 Drachma 1876 A Greece 1876A Gold NGC MS 62

2650.00 US$

Grade: NGC MS 62
KM-48. Greece George A’. Paris mint. Tiny mintage of just 19,000 examples. This is a gorgeous example with superb and lustrous mint brilliance and attractive die polishing lines, a feature of the Paris mint. Grades MS62 NGC old slab.
Verify NGC Certification here (opens new window):&2121305-003

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