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With more than 700,000 items, MA-Shops is the biggest Collector Online Mall for coins, banknotes and medals. Every day you will find many new highlights on MA-Shops.
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Some Sold Items

AV Aureus AD 138-161 Antoninus Pius

5,700.00 US$

Catalog: RIC III 255b var

Diameter: 18.00 mm

26 Janvier 1311 PHILIPPE IV LE BEL

5,000.00 US$

Superbe. Rare coin

Ducat 1821 Sweden Carl XIV.

3,500.00 US$

Catalog: AAH 16; Fb.84; Schl.33
Diameter: 21.00 mm

5 Mark 1894 German New Guinea

3,350.00 US$


$5 Gold Half Eagle 1838 USA 

2,275.00 US$


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