Coins from Straits Settlements

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British Territories

The Straits Settlements, established in 1826, comprised a group of British territories located in Southeast Asia.
These territories included Penang, Malacca, and Singapore.
Originally, the Straits Settlements were administered by the British East India Company, reflecting Britain’s strategic interests in the region, especially in terms of trade and naval power.
In 1858, the administration of the Straits Settlements shifted from the East India Company to the British Raj following the Indian Rebellion of 1857, which led to the dissolution of the Company and the establishment of direct British rule over its territories in India and surrounding areas.
By 1867, the Straits Settlements were separated from British India and became a Crown colony under the direct control of the British government in London. This change was driven by the increasing economic importance of the Settlements, particularly Singapore, as a major trading hub in Asia, necessitating more direct oversight and administration.
During World War II, the Straits Settlements fell under Japanese occupation from 1942 to 1945. Following the end of the war, Britain undertook a reorganisation of its Southeast Asian colonies. In 1946, the Straits Settlements were dissolved as a colony. The individual territories were then restructured: Singapore became a separate Crown colony, while Penang and Malacca were incorporated into the Malayan Union, which later evolved into the Federation of Malaya and eventually became part of modern Malaysia.

During existence, the Straits Settlements have issued a variety of coins that have historical significance and are popular among collectors.

Here are some key points about these coins:

Early Coinage (1845-1867):
Coins were denominated in cents and dollars. Coins featured the portrait of Queen Victoria. The coins from this period are relatively rare.

Straits Settlements 1 Cent 1862 Victoria, NGC MS64RB Pop Very Rare

7,130.00 US$

NGC certification number: 5909729-040
Grade: MS 64 RB
NGC coin ID: 50527
Date: 1862 STRAITS
Nominal value: CENT
Mint Mark: STRAITS
Year: 1862

Crown Colony Period (1867-1939):
After becoming a Crown colony in 1867, the Straits Settlements issued a more standardized coinage.
Coins featured various British monarchs, including Queen Victoria, King Edward VII, King George V, and King George VI.
Denominations included 1/4 cent, 1/2 cent, 1 cent, 5 cents, 10 cents, 20 cents, 50 cents, and 1 dollar.

Straits 50C Victoria 1893 Key date NGC VF 35

2,100.00 US$

NGC certification number: 6766816-067
Grade: VF 35
NGC coin ID: 50966
Date: 1893 STRAITS
Nominal value: 50C
Mint Mark: STRAITS
Year: 1893

50 cents 1920 George V Straits Settlements NGC MS 65 BU

675.00 US$

Catalog: KM# 35.1
Weight: 8.42 g – Diameter: 28.50 mm
Obverse: crowned bust left
Reverse: denomination within beaded circle, date lower right

World War II and Japanese Occupation (1942-1945):
Coin production ceased during the Japanese occupation. Japanese-issued currency was used during this period.

Straits Settlements 1/4 Cent 1945 NGC AU58BN

118.00 US$

NGC certification number: 6453057-045
NGC coin ID: 50502
Date: 1845 STRAITS
Nominal value: 1/4C
Mint Mark: STRAITS
Year: 1845

Notable Coins
One Cent Coin (1862-1935): Copper coins featuring the reigning monarch.
50 Cents and One Dollar Coins: Larger silver coins issued in limited quantities, often highly valued by collectors.
Pattern Coins: Experimental coins and proof sets produced in limited numbers, often featuring unique designs.

1 Cent STRAITS SETTLEMENTS Victoria Copper 1875 W aUNC Toned

225.00 US$

Catalog: REF 14 845, KM# 9
Material: Copper
Obverse: Crowned head left
Obverse Legend: VICTORIA QUEEN
Reverse: Value within beaded circle
Edge Description: Plain

Straits Settlements 50 Cent 1903 Bunc

5,405.00 US$

Catalog: KM.23
As made not cleaned,very nice patina

Collecting Straits Settlements Coins
Coins from earlier periods and those in mint condition or with historical significance tend to be more valuable.
These coins are valued not just for their monetary worth but also for their historical significance, reflecting the colonial era and economic history of Southeast Asia.

Design and Features
Obverse: Typically features the portrait of the reigning British monarch at the time of minting.
Reverse: Usually displays the denomination and sometimes additional designs, such as wreaths or local symbols.

After World War II, the Straits Settlements were dissolved, and the individual territories began issuing their own currencies. Singapore, Malaya, and British Borneo continued to use Straits Settlements currency for a short period before transitioning to their respective currencies.
Straits Settlements coins remain an important part of numismatic collections, offering a glimpse into the economic and colonial history of Southeast Asia under British rule.

5C Malaya & British Borneo Elizabeth II 1961-KN PCGS SP65

1,400.00 US$

PCGS Certification number: 33657055
Material: Copper-Nickel

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