The First Dutch King – William I

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Kingdom of the Netherlands

I choose to write about coins minted under a specific ruler. And to be exact I choose to write about the first king of the Netherlands. The coins minted under his reign become more popular every year. And not only in the Netherlands but across the world by all types of collectors.

William I (August 1772 – 12 December 1843) was a Prince of Orange and the first King of the Netherlands and Grand Duke of Luxembourg. His father was the last, so called, stadtholder from the Dutch Republic his name was William V. His mother was Wilhelmina of Prussia. William had an outstanding military career before he became King of the Netherlands. And because of this career he was not only proclaimed king by his blood but also by his achievements. He lived in exile in Britain for 18 years because of the France invasion.

After the peace had returned in the Netherlands William was invited as sovereign ruler by letter. The letter came from the Triumvirate of 1813, The Hague notables Gijsbert Karel van Hogendorp, Frans Adam van der Duyn van Maasdam and Leopold van Limburg Stirum. On 30 November 1813 William enters the beach of Scheveningen in the Netherlands and is received with a lot joy from the Dutch people. It will take another two years before he became king. In 1840 he abdicated and gives the title king to his son William II.

The coins from William I are one of my favourite coins. The way the engravers created the bust of William I is art and craftsmanship together. It has a certain elegance but also a serious appearance. A lot of great coins from William I can be found on MA-Shops. For example, the extreme rare 25 cent 1817 and the 3 gulden 1823B. But also, a lot of nice golden 10 guldens. A rare piece that is now on MA-Shops is the 3 gulden 1830/24. This coin is in UNC condition and is extremely hard to find in this condition. To buy a coin like this is a great investment because of his rarity. I’m sure you can find the right William I coin on MA-Shops.

25 cent 1817 Netherlands Kingdom

148,500.00 USD

The twenty-five cent King Willem I 1817U was minted in Utrecht and has a circulation of several test pieces. The obverse of the 25 cent 1817U Willem 1 has the image of a crowned letter W between the year and on the back is a crowned Dutch coat of arms between 25 and the letter C.

10 Gulden Gold 1829 B Netherlands Kingdom

12,100.00 USD

Gewicht 6.729 g – Ø 22.5 mm
Front: Bust to the left, neckline (unclear) MICHAUT
Reverse: Crowned Dutch coat of arms between 10 – G
Edge lettering: * GOD * ZY * MET * ONS
Mint mark: B (Brussels)
Mint master sign: Palm branch

3 Gulden 1830-24 Netherlands Kingdom – William I

4,785.00 USD

Weight 32.36 gr. – Ø 40mm.
The year 1830 has been changed from 1824. This coin has the full stamp shine and without any flaws.
Very rare in this sublime condition.

1819 The Netherlands 1/2 Gulden 1819 William I

550.00 USD

Catalog: Schulman 280a
Weight: 5.38 g – Diameter: 24.00 mm
Front: Bust to the right
Reverse: Crowned Dutch coat of arms between 1/2 – G, below coat of arms 50 C. RARE With higher placed ‘9’

Written by Joël van Dam, Owner of Joëlnumismatics.

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