Small Countries And Their Currency

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Liechtenstein, Maldives & Malta

The most famous currencies come, in most cases, from the biggest countries. One example is the Dollar from the United States of America, but around 35 countries in the world have a dollar based on their economy. Other larger countries include New Zealand, Australia and Canada, while smaller countries with a dollar currency include Suriname, Hong Kong and Jamaica.

Another well-known currency is the Euro, which is used by all of the countries who make a part of the monetary European Union. But what currency do the smaller, less famous, countries use? In this blog we will discuss three of the smaller countries and their economy based currency: Liechtenstein, Maldives and Malta.

Liechtenstein has an area of just 62 square kilometres, and a population of almost 39,000. It is formally called the Principality of Liechtenstein which means a prince or princess is the Head of State. Liechtenstein is one the two countries that is landlocked between two countries, namely Austria and Switzerland. Currently the country has a monetary union with Switzerland, which means the economy is based on the Swiss Franc.

Throughout their history, Liechtenstein produced three types of banknotes: 10 Heller, 20 Heller, 50 Heller. After World War one the bonding between Liechtenstein and Switzerland became was well established and Liechtenstein adopted its currency.

Liechtenstein 3 Kreuzer 1619 Karl

179.00 US$


Liechtenstein Thaler Vienna 1862 A Johann II

5,370.00 US$

Catalog: Divo 87, Missong 181, Thun 468, Dav.215, Kahnt 281

Liechtenstein 1920 – Lot 10, 20 & 50 Heller

150.00 US$

Catalog: P.01 au P.03
Set of three banknotes, the three types of Liechtenstein

Switzerland 50 Francs

370.00 US$

Portrait of woman at lower left.

Like #5.,F. Hodler’s Woodcutter.,Green.

The Republic of Maldives is an island nation located in the Arabian state in South Asia. The territory has an area of 298 square kilometres and is the smallest country in Asia. The Maldives were a member of the commonwealth from 1982 until 2016. Their withdrawal was based on serious allegations by other nations for its human rights abuses and failing economy. They re-joined the commonwealth in 2020 after proving their democracy. Because of the rising sea levels it is expected that in the future most parts of the country will be underwater. Between 1947 and 2018 they issued five series of banknotes, and today the produce commemorative coins. Between 1947 and 1980 The Maldivian State Treasury issued Rupee notes, from 1983 they issued the Rufiyaa.

Maldives set of 6 notes 1-100 rupees 1960

830.00 US$

Catalog: P.2-7

Set of six banknotes

Maldives 100 Rufiyaa Millennium square coin 2000

175.00 US$

Weight: 31.25 g – Diameter: 30.30 mm

Malta was a British Crown colony until 1964 and joined the commonwealth of nations that year. Because of the extreme bravery of the people of Malta, King George VI awarded the nation the George Cross, which since then has been depicted on the Maltese flag. Malta is an Island nation consisting seven nations, and before the decolonization it was the favourite resort island of the British Royals. Currently Malta is part of the European Monetary Union, and use the Euro as their currency. Preceding this time they used the Maltese Liri, and before they separated from the British Empire, Pounds were their currency. Many specimen banknotes from British Malta have entered the market the past couple of years. The first issuing bank of Malta was the Anglo-Egyptian Banking Company LTD which issued its notes in 1866.

1 POUND 1949 (ND 1963) Malta Queen Elizabeth II

495.00 US$

Catalog: PK 26a

Malta 1 Pound 1939 George VI 

325.00 US$

Catalog: P.14

Malta 5 Liri 1979 

299.00 US$

Catalog: KM:35b

Map at upper left, arms at upper right. Statue of “Culture” at center. Aerial view of Marsa Industrial Estate at left center. Purple and violet on multicolor underprint.

Written by Joël van Dam, Owner of Joëlnumismatics.

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