Collecting Error Banknotes

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Misprinted Money

Many collectors are searching for special banknotes, for example banknotes with a low serial number or banknotes with rare errors. Collecting of misprinted banknotes is very popular, despite the fact that the errors are not unique.

When a misprint occurs, it also occurs in many others in the printing process. For example, the banknote may not have been cut correctly, but also the use of the wrong ink and the lack of information on the note is also possible.

Many of these banknotes can be found on MA-Shops. The category with error banknotes has just been expanded with many Dutch banknotes.

See the list below for some great examples and check the link for more error banknotes:

Netherlands 1945 – 20 Gulden misprint

1,420.00 US$

Catalog: Mev. 59-1 / AV 42.1 / Pick 76
Stadholder William III Error banknote – Spectacular misprint front: several print runs missing: no portrait, no denomination, no signatures etc.
Reverse: Moerdijkbridge w/o serialnumbers

Netherlands 1945 10 Gulden misprint

1,000.00 US$

Catalog: Mev. 46-1 / AV 35.1b / Pick 75b
William I – State mines correct date – 2 AH 255285 – Error: light inking serialnumber – nice embossing

Netherlands 1953 10 Gulden misprint

295.00 US$

Catalog: Mev. 48-1b / AV 36.1b / Pick 85
Hugo de Groot Error – wmk. ’10’ repeating – # 1 LN 019897 – shifted paper before cutting – UNC

Netherlands 1914 1 Gulden misprint

950.00 US$

Catalog: Mev. 01-1c / AV 1.1c / PL1c D.6 / Pick 4
“Zilverbon” MISPRINT back ‘abklatsch’ – serie 710 – the ink gets smudge from previous undried sheet


USA, 1 Dollar 1988 misprint

470.00 US$

Catalog: zu P. 480
Double print on the front

Germany 50 Mark 1996 Error

265.00 US$

Cutting error


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