Silver Rider and 3 Gulden – Rarities of the Dutch History

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Silver Rider 1673 Holland Piedfort, Amsterdam


Rarities of the Dutch History

In Dutch history, the year 1672 was rampjaar, the “disaster year.”

That year, following the outbreak of the Franco-Dutch War and the Third Anglo-Dutch War, the Dutch Republic was simultaneously attacked by England, France, and the prince-bishops Bernhard von Galen, bishop of Münster, and Maximilian Henry of Bavaria, archbishop of Cologne.

The invading armies quickly defeated the Dutch States Army and conquered part of the Republic.



Silver Rider 1673 Holland Piedfort 1673, Amsterdam 

8,500.- US$

Catalog: Delmonte 1018b 
Grade: VF / pr


Normally the coins for Holland were struck in de city of Dordrecht, but this city was concurred by the French. For that reason they moved the provincial mint to Amsterdam, where gold ducats en silver riders were struck in the years 1672-1673. For this special occasion also piedforts were minted, normally on rounds planchets and in some cases on square planchets. These last ones are nowadays rarities and this is a very nice and attractive example.

3 Gulden 1823 Dutch Kingdom 1823, minted in Brussel


This 3 Gulden coin from Willem I (1815-1840) is one of the great rarities of the Dutch kingdom. It is a one-date-type.

25,000.- US$

Catalog: Schulman 255 | KM# 49
Grade: pr / unc-

During the Dutch kingdom of Willem I coins were minted both in Utrecht and Brussels. Although the 3 Guldens were minted from 1817 to 1832, there is only one year that this cointype has been minted in Brussels. Where the production in the mint of Utrecht was quite large in most years, the production in Brussels in 1823 was very limited. Only 13.817 pieces were minted, which is nothing compared with the Utrecht production of about 3.167.000 pieces. Only a few pieces survived the time and nowadays this coin is rarely offered, certainly not in this high grade..
Minor edge nicks

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