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MA-Shops is an internet marketplace headquartered in Europe that works with an extensive network of reputable dealers (well-placed to source ancient coins and collectible classic and modern world coins) from which customers can buy direct.

MA-Shops offers a wide variety of Ancient, Modern, World and US coins, paper currency, medals, stamps and military directly to the collector.

Browsing through the site quickly reveals how wide and variegated the selection from MA-Shops and its associated dealers really is.

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Some recently sold items

Gold Octadrachm Ptolemaios VI. Philometor

11,300.00 US$

Catalog number: Svoronos 1499 SNG Cop. 322

100 Kronen 1923 Austria

5,025.00 US$

Mintage: 617

PCGS certified 3 Mark 1933 G Weimar Republic

4,475.00 US$

Weimarer Republik PCGS certified 3 Mark 1933 G

1999 Canada 20 years “Maple Leaf”

3,300.00 US$

Edition only 500 anniversary set.
Condition: uncirculated coins in wooden case encapsulated.


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