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New Special Coins on MA-Shops

With more than 700,000 items, MA-Shops is the biggest Collector Online Mall for coins, banknotes and medals. Every day you will find many new highlights on MA-Shops.
All coins, banknotes, stamps and militaria are offered by certified dealers.

Collectors and dealers can shop confidently knowing that every MA-Shop dealer is committed to 100% safe and reliable transactions.

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The picture above:

Tetradrachm 450-445 BC. Sicily-Leontini Sicily-Leontini 

2,695.00 US$

Catalog: cf S:832 – Weight: 17.13 g

Below some new coins:

10 Mark 1880. Mecklenburg-Strelitz Friedrich Wilhelm

23,450.00 US$

Catalog: J. 237
Mintage: 4,000

AV Aureus (61-62) Roman Empire NERO

12,850.00 US$

Catalog: Sear 1924var. |
weight 7,69gr. | gold Ø 19mm.
obv. Bare head of Nero right NERO•CAESAR•AVG•IMP
rev. Roma standing right, left foor on arms, inscribing shield set on
left knee PONTIF•MAX•TR•P• VIII•COS•IIII•PP, in field EX – SC

25 Gulden 1923 Danzig Freie Stadt Danzig

8,450.00 US$

Catalog: PCGS 971473
PCGS certification number: 83877693

50 Yuan 1994 China, People’s Republic 

4,700.00 US$

Catalog: PCGS 417597
Variety: Inventions-Sailing Masts

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