MA-Shops: Islamic Coinage – Part 1

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MA-Shops: Islamic Coins-Part 1

What are Islamic coins? And how to start collecting them?

I was asked if I could write something about Islamic coins and I was glad with this request. I was glad with it because a lot of collectors do not have interest in this fascinating area of the numismatic world. And to be honest I understand it in the first place.

All the Islamic coins looks the same for most the collectors in countries which uses the Latin-script.

Therefor they are not easy to determinate and the euphoria of collecting seems to disappear by collecting Islamic. But with the correct support you will have pleasure in collecting these coins. With this blog I hope I can give you a nice start in the world of Islamic coins.

When is a coin an Islamic coin? 

Before we can answer this question we should have a little historic background information. In the year 622 AD Muhammad slipped out of Mecca because they didn’t liked his messages of one God for several reasons. He joined his supporters to emigrate to a city called Yathrib, 280 miles to the north from Mecca. This event cam be seen as the beginning of the Islam.1 Here in Yathrib they welcomed him because the tribe elders thought that one shared religion could create a better city. This event is also the beginning of the Islamic year system and is called the Hijra.

1Broome, M. A (2006). Handbook of Islamic Coins

Some Islamic Coins on MA-Shops

Dinar Kaykhusraws II.

2,350.00 US$

Catalog: Izmirlier –
Dinar Konya 4.53 g. Izmirlier – RR

Islamic Umayyad Caliphate. 

1,395.00 US$

Weight: 4.23 g – Diameter: 19.00 mm
Mintage: 1
Time of al-Walid I b.  `Abd al-Malik (AH 86-96/705-715 AD). Gold Dinar, AH 87. (4.23 gms, 19 mm). A-127. Diacritical point below b of saba`.

Dinar Ashrafi Islam Burji Mameluken

425.00 US$

Catalog: vgl. Mitchiner 1184
Weight: 3.40 g


Check here all the Islamic Coins on MA-Shops

Written by Joël van Dam, Owner of Joëlnumismatics.

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