Huge Collection of Saxonian Coins on MA-Shops

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Huge Collection of Saxonian Coins

This collection of saxonian coins is outstanding in its meticulous composition. From the pfennig to the 1/3 taler the collector tried to obtain all date, mint and mintmaster varieties. More than 50 years of collecting led to many nearly complete series of type-varieties, such as groschen of Johann Georg I or pfennigs of August the Strong. As almost every cointype between the 16th and 19th century is incorporated, this offering is a brilliant opportunity to close gaps in your collection.

Since the collector was born in Bautzen, especially the very rare coinage of this mint is enclosed. Particularly the 3 Kreuzer and 6 Kreuzer in reasonable grades are noteworthy and have not been offered on the market for a long time. Furthermore you will find rarities like the Friedrich Christian trial 1/12 Taler or the monogramm 1/3 taler from August the Strong.

If you are interested in saxonian numismatics in any way, we can really recommend a serious study of this prominent collection.

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Some rare Saxonian Coins


6 Kreuzer 1666 HI Sachsen-Albertinische Linie Johann Georg II. 1656-1680. rare. VF+

3,100 US$


1/4 Taler 1539 Sachsen-Kurfürstentum Johann Friedrich, Heinrich und Johann Ernst 1539-1540.

950 US$


Dreier 1629 HI Sachsen-Albertinische Linie Johann Georg I. 1615-1656. rare!

130 US$

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