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MA-Shops.com has an extensive network of reputable dealers (well-placed to source ancient coins and collectible classic and modern world coins) from which customers can buy direct.

If you’re not familiar with the format of MA-Shops, each dealer operates its own shop within the website.

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With more than 700,000 items is MA-Shops the biggest Collector Online Mall for coins, banknotes and medals.

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New Highlights

Aureus Rome Galba, Rome

38,000.00 US$

Weight: 7.27 g – Diameter: 19.10 mm
Catalog: RIC:188
Laureate draped bust right,Livia standing left, holding patera & long sceptre

2 Mark 1911 A Sachsen-Coburg-Gotha Carl Eduard

17,500.00 US$

Diameter: 29.00 mm
Mintage: 100

1966 Cyprus

15,500.00 US$

KM-XM5.2. President Makarios. Plain Edge, numbered 1 of 200. The very first of only 200 struck by order of the President himself as gifts to friends and high ranking officials/guests of the State. It is believed this coin (1/200 engraved on the edge 6 o’clock) ) was in the collection of the President himself then passed to his brother after his death. Struck in high relief, design by B.Falireas.

1865-A France Napoleon III

13,000.00 US$

Catalog: KM – 802.1

Piastre 1946 French Indo-China Essai (Pattern)

12,000.00 US$

Catalog: KM -, Lecompte 314 (très rare), Mazard

Diameter: 34.50 mm

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