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Recently a Gold Collection sold on MA-Shops 

SAMMLUNG 48 Goldmünzen 1883-1949 SchweizCollection 48 Gold coins 1883-1949 Switzerland

34,500.00 US$

The gold coins of the Swiss Confederation.

100 Francs 1925 with authenticity expertise

10 Francs 1911,1912,1913,1914,1915,1916,1922

20 Francs 1888 with authenticity expertise

20 Francs 1883,1886,1889-1916,1922,1925,1926,1927,1930,1935 2 x ,1947,1949

A total of 48 coins

Other nice coins sold on MA-Shops

Aureus 230 n.Chr. KAISERZEIT Severus Alexander.Aureus 230 AD Imperial Severus Alexander – very rare

26,500.00 US$

Catalog: RIC 103, C.–, BMC 620
Weight: 6.06 g       Diameter: 20.00 mm
Obv.: IMP SEV ALE-XAND AVG, Bust with laurel wreath
Rev.: P M TR P VIIII COS III P P, Romulus with lance. Grade: Cabinet piece! Of great rarity! Finest uncirculated

268 ROMAN EMPIRE Postume (260-269). DenierRoman Empire Denier. Cologne, 268. R

18,600.00 US$

Grade: Of the greatest rarity! Exceptional in this state of conservation!

Naked Hercules walking to the left

Taler 1745 Sachsen-Albertinische Linie Friedrich August II.Thaler 1745 Saxony-Albertine line Friedrich August II.

15,500.00 US$

Catalog: Kahnt 647, Schnee 1035, Davenport 2670, Slg. Merseburger 1710 (RR 30 Mark).

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