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Expansion of the British range

This 1703 Great Britain Anne Silver VIGO Crown or 1851 Great Britain Victoria young head penny are just a few examples from our new dealer Wessex Coins, a family run business with over 45 years of passionate experience in the numismatic and antiquities field, both in Europe and America.

As you will see looking through his items, this dealer is interested in and offers a wide range of coins from the ancient times to later days, with specialist sections focusing on Ancient and ship wreck coins.

“We are very keen collectors of anything ancient and historical, meaning over the years and with items being passed down through the family our collection has become extremely impressive which led to the creation of Wessex Coins where we are able to share our passion with likeminded enthusiasts,” said Benjamin Prince from Wessex Coins.

“We know how important obtaining items missing from a personal collection is, so please feel free to let us know of any anything you are on the hunt for and we will always do our best to find it for you” said Benjamin.

Visit the shop to learn more about Wessex Coins. Follow the link

Great Britain Charles II, 1679

9,850.00 US$

Weight: 16.60 g – Diameter: 32.00 mm
Charles II 1679 Gold Two Guineas
Obverse: Second laureate head facing right, Latin legend and toothed border surrounding, CAROLVS. II. DEI. GRATIA
Reverse: Crowned cruciform shields, sceptres in angles, four interlinked Cs at centre, date either side of top crown, Latin legend and toothed border surrounding, .MAG. BR. FRA. ET. HIB. REX.
Catalog: S.3335

1377-99 Great Britain Richard II Gold Noble

6,295.00 US$

Weight: 7.70 g – Diameter: 35.00 mm
Obverse: The King standing in a ship with upright sword and quartered shield, beaded circle surrounding legend: RIC ARDxx DIxxGxx REXxx AnGL xZx FRAnCxx Dxx hIBxx Zxx AQT
Reverse: R at centre of ornamental cross with lis terminals, crowns over lions in angles, all within a beaded and linear tressure, fleurs in spandrels, legend: +IhCxx AVTEmxx TRAnSIEnSxx PERxx mEDIVxx ILLORVMxx IBAT
Catalog: S.1656, Schneider 160-162.

AD 274-275 Italy Gold Aureus

12,700.00 US$

Diameter 20 mm x 21 mm – Weight 4.89 grams.
Obverse: IMP C L DOM AVRELIANVS P F AVG, Laureate and cuirassed bust of Aurelian facing right
Reverse: VIRTVS AVG, Mars naked advancing right carrying transverse spear and trophy, captive at feet to right.
Catalog: RIC 15; Calico 4080
A superb rare example of this issue, virtually as struck.
NGC Certification number: 2082128-001

1831 Great Britain William IV Halfcrown

4,895.00 US$

Material: Silver
William IV 1831 Proof silver Halfcrown, engraved by William Wyon
Obverse: Bare head right, W W incuse on truncation of block formation, legend GULIELMUS IIII D: G: BRITANNIAR: REX F: D: toothed border around the rim both sides
Reverse: Inverted die axis, quartered shield of arms with a crowned escutcheon of the Arms of Hanover, within Order of the Garter upon crowned robed mantle, date below ANNO 1831, plain edge.
Catalog: S.3834, Bull 2473.
Superbly Toned with a fantastic cameo effect to portrait in contrast to the field, some light hairlines, practically as struck, has been graded and slabbed by PCGS as PR62 CAM. PCGS certification number: 500992.62/36319803

1797 Great Britain George III

1,595.00 US$

Diameter: 40.00 mm – Weight: 27.00 g
Material: Silver
George III, octagonal countermark struck upon 1797 Spanish Pillar type Eight Reales of King Charles IIII
Obverse: 8 Reales struck in Mexico City, Mexico, with Counter-stamp of octagonal shape with bust of George III facing right at centre of obverse, bust of Spanish King laureate and draped facing right, date below, with toothed border and surrounding legend; CAROLVS.IIII. DEI. GRATIA.
Reverse: Crowned quartered shield of arms, pillar with ribbon motto either side PLUS ULTRA, with surrounding legend; .HISPAN. ET IND. REX. M. 8R.F.F. *An interesting 3 stamped within the right field next to the crown.
Well struck, almost extremely fine, the host coin also

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