100 Franken Gold sold for $15,000 on MA-Shops

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Many special coins are sold on MA-Shops. Since the offer on MA-Shops is very large by the many certified dealers who offer their coins, you will find almost always the coin you are looking for. You can look in the categories or you can use the simply search function. And it´s trustworthy, all sellers on MA-Shops are certified and professionals.

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100 Franken Gold sold for $15,000.

3 Mark 1916 F Württemberg sold for $ 8,700

Aureus 14-37 sold for $5,500


100 Franken Gold 1925 B Schweiz-Eidgenossenschaft AU


3 Mark 1916 F Württemberg 25 jährigiges Regierungsjubiläum – König Wilhelm II. von Württemberg Proof / BU (MS65-70)



Aureus 14-37 Römisches Kaiserreich Kaiser Tiberius (14-37)


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