The Queen’s Money

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Queen Elizabeth II

Elizabeth II By the Grace of God, of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, And of her other Realms and Territories, Queen, Head of the Commonwealth, Defender of the Faith has appeared on a large scale of banknotes throughout her years of reigning.

She was first depicted on a banknote when she was on the age of 9 on a banknote from Canada. On this age she didn’t know that she will ever be queen, because her uncle David latter king Edward III was next in line to be king, But After his abdication in December 1937 she became next in line to the Throne.

Different portraits 
The portraits of the Queen that are used on the banknotes are all very different, one of the favorite among collectors is the portrait used on for example the 10 Pounds St. Helena banknote 1985. This portrait is based on a group of official state portraits taken by Anthony Buckley.
On this Portrait she is wearing Queen Victoria’s Necklace and Earrings. And she is wearing the 2 Family Orders of her Father ( King George VI) and Her Grandfather (King George V).

An other example of portraits used on banknotes of Queen Elizabeth II is the one used for example on the 20 Dollar 1969 Canada. This is an informal Portrait of Queen Elizabeth II. She is wearing a Necklace that was gifted to her on a Royal visit to the South-Africa Dominion in 1947 . The Necklace was constructed of 21 large Diamonds. But when she ascended the throne in 1952, she had the necklace shortened to 15 Diamonds and with the remaining she made a Bracelet.

20 Pounds 1979 Isle of Man Elizabeth II

1,075.00 US$

Triskele at center. Queen Elizabeth II at right. Island outline at upper right. Commemorative text at lower right of triskele.,Laxey wheel ca. 1854, crowd of people with hills in background.,Red-orange, orange and dark brown on multicolor underprint.
Printer: BWC.

10 Pounds 1985 Saint Helena Elizabeth II

395.00 US$

Catalog: Pick 8b

Serial P/1 299456. Graded 68 EPQ

Views of the island at left, Queen Elizabeth II at right.

5 Dollar L1965 Bahamas Elizabeth II

1,085.00 US$

Catalog: P.21b

5 pounds 1967(1968) Malta Elizabeth II

435 US$

Catalog: PCGS 570696
PCGS certification number: 84174403
Serial Number: A/12 599323
Details: Central Bank of Malta, BWC

King George V and King George VI
Her father and grandfather also appeared on banknotes during their reining. Like the treasury notes on which King George V appeared with a Sideways Portrait. King George VI didn’t appear on any of the note of Great Britain Itself but was widely used for the overseas dominions. Like on the Seychelles 5 Rupees 1942 or the Fiji 1 Pound 1951.
Banknotes with Queen Elizabeth II depicted go for around a few Dollars till thousands of Dollars, and it is way of collecting for many people already.

1 Pound 1928 King George V Great Britain 

570.00 US$

King George V

Letter and figure 1 over number (dot).,St. George slaying dragon at left, portrait King George V at right. Signature N. K. Warren Fisher.,Brown.

Written by Joël van Dam, Owner of Joëlnumismatics.

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