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Specialist in Morgan and Peace Dollars

MA-Shops is proud to welcome Phoenix Gold Corp, an antique specialist priding itself as one of the leading collectible coin wholesalers in the United States. “We specialize in Morgan and Peace Dollars as well as better date, rare U.S. coins that offer an interesting story or exceptional eye appeal” said James Dauenheimer, Numismatist at Phoenix Gold Corp.

James: “Phoenix Gold was established in 2009 in Tampa, Florida USA and we have been expanding our business every year since. As a company, we offer great products with exceptional customer service. At Phoenix Gold, we strive to ensure that every transaction is processed as smoothly as possible and that we build relationships that will last a lifetime.”

“We are joining MA Shops in hopes to expand our business worldwide. We look forward to selling on this amazing platform that connects buyers and sellers across the entire world. We can answer any question you may have and look forward to growing our business together”.

To get an impression of his offer, view his items here below or visit his shop https://ma-shops.com/s/phoenix

$20 USA 1926 MS67 Saint Gaudens

16,200.00 US$

This 1926 Philadelphia minted coin has been graded MS67 by ICG.
Mintage= 816,750

S$1 USA 1885-O Morgan ICG MS68

13,500.00 US$

Mintage: 9,185,000
This 1885 New Orleans minted coin has been graded MS68 by ICG.
Mintage= 9,185,000

$5 USA 1909 ICG MS65

5,940.00 US$

Mintage: 627,060
This 1909 Philadelphia minted $5 Indian Head has been graded MS65 by ICG.
Mintage = 627,060

$3 USA 1856 ICG MS63

4,215.00 US$

Mintage: 26,010
This 1856 Philadelphia minted coin has been graded MS63 by ICG.
Mintage= 26,010

$10 USA EAGLE 1907 NGC MS61

890.00 US$

Weight: 16.72 g
Diameter: 27.00 mm
Mintage: 1,203,899
This 1907 Philadelphia minted coin has been graded MS61 by NGC.

S$1 Pre 1921 USA Morgan Dollar Lot of 20 BU

795.00 US$

Material: Silver
The coins that you will receive in this lot are all in Brilliant Uncirculated condition. Each coin will be a Pre-1921 Morgan Dollar hand selected by a numismatist with over 30 years of experience. They are beautiful coins with nice eye appeal. They are the perfect choice for someone looking to purchase attractive silver coins that hold a numismatic value.

S$1 USA 1924 Peace Dollar Lot of 20 BU

525.00 US$

Material: Silver
Weight: 26.73 g
Diameter: 38.10 mm

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