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Have you seen these special coins at MA-Shops? Here are some beautiful coins that we want to highlight.

For example, the AR Tetradrachm 288-284 BC Pyrrhus of Epeiros from the time of Pyrrhus.

28,000.00 US$

Weight 16,60gr. | Silver Ø 29mm.
Obv. Head of young Herakles clad in a lion’s skin.
Rev. Zeus enthroned left, holding eagle and scepter, torch on left side.

Pyrrhus was a Greek general and statesman of the Hellenistic period. He was king of the Greek tribe of Molossians, of the royal Aeacid house (from c. 297 BC), and later he became king of Epirus (r. 306–302, 297–272 BC). He was one of the strongest opponents of early Rome.
Some of his battles, though successful, caused him heavy losses, from which the term Pyrrhic victory was coined. In 288 BC, Pyrrhus and Lysimachus shared rulership over the kingdom of Macedon until 284 BC, when Lysimachus drove Pyrrhus out of the region back into Epirus. From Lysimachos we know that he struck tetradrachms, of the Lysimachos type, in the mint of Amphipolis in the years 288-282 BC (see Thompson page 178-179). The city of Pella was held by Pyrrhus until 286 BC.
After that Lysimachos took control over this city and minted tetradrachms until 282 BC (see Thompson page 181). After Pyrrhus military campaigns in Italy against the Romans and Carthaginians, he decided in 275 to return to his homeland Epirus. Though his western campaign had taken a heavy toll on his army as well as his treasury, Pyrrhus went to war yet again.
Attacking King Antigonus II Gonatas (r. 277–239 BC), he won an easy victory at the Battle of the Aous and seized the Macedonian throne. Pyrrhus was king of Macedon from 274-272 BC. Pyrrhus was killed during an intervene in a civic dispute in Argos. During his rule in Macedon bronze coins with his monogram were struck, probably from the mint of Pella (Liampi M18b | Weber collection 2181 | Sear 6779). Until now issues in silver were completely unknown, but on this coin we can clearly see his monogram and the torch is the mintmark of Amphipolis. Probably this coin is struck during his first rule in Macedon (288-284 BC) in the mint of Amphipolis. Coin of great historical importance and UNIQUE.

US 1839 Gobrecht $1

82,500.00 US$

Catalog: 11444
Weight: 26.70 g
Diameter: 39.00 mm
The 1839 Gobrecht dollar is much scarcer than the ‘type coin’ 1836 Gobrecht without any premium. One of the 300 pieces struck in 1839, an estimate of 60-75 pieces are expected to exist, with this example being on of the finest remaining. Frosty gold tints with a light orange from 2 to 7 o’clock on the obverse, this piece displays an unusual attractiveness and is not dark as most examples that we come across. Only 2 pieces are graded finest by PCGS.

1757 Russia Elizabeth SPB-RI Dassier

30,000.00 US$

Catalog: Bitkin-282 (R1), St Petersburg mint, very rare.
Obverse: Crowned bust of Elizabeth right.
Reverse: double-headed Imperial eagle with scepter and orb in claws, date is above crown at top.
Jacques Antoine Dassier (1715-59), the son of famous medalist and coin engraver Jean Dassier (1676-1763), was in his own right, a leading luminary of 18th century medallic art. From 1740 to 1745, he was assistant engraver at the Royal Mint in London. After a 3 year sojourn in Russia he produced the dies for Elizabeth’s silver rouble and her gold ten roubles. He died in 1759 at Copenhagen. His designs are among the most interesting and attractive of the period and now are highly sought after.

5 Francs 1889 A France Coin, Cérès, Paris

20,500.00 US$

Weight: 1.62 g
Mintage: 40
Catalog: KM:829
Laureate head right, Denomination within wreath.
PCGS certificate number: 82998239

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