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Since 1880 Schulman b.v. is the Netherland’s oldest coin auction. Over 130 years of numismatic experience with auctions, valuations, buying and selling of coins, banknotes, decorations and medals. Schulman b.v. has much to offer for the collector of coins and medals. Most important is our thorough knowledge acquired over more than a century and which is based on the accumulated experience and tradition of generations of Schulman numismatists. When Jacob Schulman started his business in 1880, he had the foresight to found a cardindex of all the pieces that passed through his hands. Over the years this card-index has become one of the most cherished and sought-after possessions of the business. Through it we can trace individual pieces through the decades and knowledge and experience has not been lost, but is accessible even today. Take a look at the shop

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Laurens Schulman:

We are a long-standing family company that is rich in tradition. Laurens’ great-grandfather Jacob Schulman, an antiquarian in Amersfoort, started a sales list for coins and medals back in 1880. In 1902 he moved to Amsterdam where his sons André and Maurits carried on the family business. Together with his wife Leny, Jacques Schulman (André’s son) subsequently succeeded in building the company’s international reputation. In the late 1960s the company was further strengthened when their sons Robert and Laurens got involved. After their parents retired from the business, Laurens Schulman and his wife Carla founded a company under their own name in Bussum in 1987. Following various setbacks including robbery, theft and illness, we sold our stock including our library in 2006 and had permission to use the name Schulman for a new company with the aim of safeguarding continuity for our customers. However, our company Laurens Schulman b.v. has never actually ceased to exist and we have continued to perform taxations, act as intermediaries and provide advice over the past few years.

5 generations: We have realised that passion for collecting really is in our blood. In view of this, and combined with the interest and enthusiasm of our daughter Yvette (who is now the fifth generation!), we have decided to now promote our services more publicly through a webshop. Take a look at the shop Laurens Schulman aanbod