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Post 23.03.17Ars Coin Wien

It’s our pleasure to present on MA-Shops our new shop Ars Coin Wien by Malimpensa.

Ars Coin Wien operates in the field of numismatics and ancient art. Our target is to offer a great value-for-money for collectors; we are specialized in classical ancient coins, but we work also in the numismatic fields of Judaea coins, Italian mints and far east coinage (China and Mongolia).

The shop offers a great selection of coins of all ages: Celtic, Greek, Roman, Byzantine and medieval from europe and middle-east; we are specialized also in modern coins of Italian mint.

Every coin will be sent with a photographic authenticity certificate.

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Some nice coins offered by this seller

Tetradrachme 126-122 BC Parthia Artabanos IIITetradrachme 126-122 BC Parthia Artabanos III

1,950.00 US$

Diameter 28 mm – Weight 15.78 gr.

12h. Seleukeia on the Tigris mint. Struck 129 BC. O: Diademed bust right. R: Demeter seated left, holding cornucopia and Nike, who crowns her with wreath; winged tritoness supporting throne; monogram to outer left; T to inner left; H(over ?)?P (date) in exergue. Sellwood 21.2 var. (H not cited as recut over ?); Sunrise –; Shore –; PDC 12361 = Triton V, lot 1589 (same dies). EF. Extremely rare with recutting of date.

Quincunx 217-212 BC Apulia Luceria

Quincunx 217-212 BC Apulia Luceria

1,080.00 US$

Diameter 34.8 mm – Weight 47.63 gr.

Apulia, Luceria. 217-212 BC. AE quincunx, O: Wheel of four spokes. R: Wheel of four spokes, five dots in one quarter, L in another. HN Italy 677a; Vecchi ICC 345; SNG Cop 648

Gold Tremissis 612-621 AD Visigoth Westgoten Sisebut. Emerita MintGold Tremissis (R) 612-621 AD Visigoth / Westgoten Sisebut. Emerita Mint

975 US$

Diameter 19.7 mm – Weight 1.48 gr.

Emerita (Mérida). O: +:SISEBVTVS REX:, bust facing. R: +:EMERITΛ PIVS:, bust facing. CNV. 258,26; R.Pliego 284i. Extremely fine

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