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Theo Peters Numismatics

Over 40 Years experience has Theo Peters Numismatics as a specialized dealer in coins, stamps and paper money.
Besides many coins from different countries, we have an extensive stock of Dutch provincial coins as well as coins from the Kingdom of the Netherlands. In other words from Philips II up to King Willem-Alexander.

Up to three times Theo Peters Numismatics has been appointed the coin load of V.O.C.-ships; “De Campen”, “De Akerendam” & “Het Vliegend Hart”.

Theo Peters Numismatics also provides new issues from the Dutch Royal Mint like special coin sets, golden and silver ducats and commemorative euro coins.
Welcome to the shop Theo Peters Numismatics! Take a look

10 Gulden goud 1842 BU

16,600.00 US$

Obv. Bust to the right, on the neckline I.P. SCHOUBERG F.
Rev. Crowned Dutch coat of arms between 10 – G
Edge lettering: * GOD * ZY * MET * ONS
Weight 6.729 g – Diameter 22.5 mm
Mintmaster sign: Lily
Mintage: 860

18 Stuivers 1817 Saint Martin

7,950.00 US$

8 Reales
Countermark St. Martin
Catalog: Scho. 1416; KM 12
Very rare

1/2 Cent 1821 Brussel

6,900.00 US$

One of the rarest years in top quality with original coin color

200 Gulden 1921 banknote

3,500.00 US$

Catalog: Alm.133-3a
Grietje Seel

Gouden dukaat 1802 Holland

2,150.00 US$

Catalog: Sch.26a


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