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Error Coins on MA-Shops.


Every piece of an error coin is spectacular.
It reminds you that nothing is perfect and each misstrike is one-of-a-kind. If you own one of these, you can be sure that there is no other coin compared to yours. It is your “something special”.

In the past when the mint did not strike the mark properly and also today while technology is doing the sorting, most coin errors are found sorted out of the mint and melted down to be reused for future coins.

BUT there are always some of these beauties accidentally finding their way to be released to the public and do find their way into circulation. We wanna show you this nice piece, a Half Dollar USA Kennedy Struck 60% Off-Center Mint Error. High grade and super dramatic errror!

There are many more types of error coins and most people do not even know what treasuries they carry around in their pockets but some lucky fellows go through their coins hoping to find one in their pocket or purse. So what are you waiting for? Check out your pockets, purses or wallets- maybe the next great found is waiting…. Otherwise visit us for more error coins on:

Nice examples of Error Coins

Lincoln Cent 1944 USA Dbl Struck

599.00 US$

USA Lincoln Cent 1944
Struck twice on center with doubling visible on lettering, etc. But the neat part is a fragment intruded on the second strike, pushing down and expanding the portrait for a very dramatic visual appeal. I call it the “Big Head” variety. Just a cool coin!

50 Francs 1946 Mint Error

900.00 US$

Type du Chort EM426

5 Pfennig without (1949) Germany

1,700.00 US$

Catalog: J.378

Sample or one-sided deduction of the value side from the 5 Pfennig

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