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Wartime Occupation German Money For Sale

Utilizing Blitzkrieg tactics, the Germans gained quick control over the largest part of Europe in the beginning of World War II. They also took command over the former national banks who supplied the country with currency. In doing so, they quickly formed a proclamation to recall pre-war currency and replace it with a temporary ‘spearhead currency’ called “reichskreditkassenscheine”. These banknotes were printed to give German occupied banks time to prepare new currencies.

In most countries the Germans ordered people to hand in and swap their silver money for cheaper metal coins. The Germans established occupation currency for: Egypt, Albania, Belgium, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France. Greece, Guernsey, Italy, Croatia, Latvia, Libya, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Norway, Austria, Poland, Romania, Russia, Slovakia, Slovenia, Czechoslovakia, Tunisia, Ukraine and Hungary.

The following Germany occupation banknotes are now available for purchase on MA-Shops:

Germany Occupation in France
After the surrender of France to Germany in 1940, the Germans rapidly took control of the country and their banks. New currencies were not issued as the existing French banknotes weren’t deemed as highly French-Nationalistic. With the inflated French economy, banknote denominations ranged from 5 Francs all the way up to 5000 Francs. While colorful and bright, the banknotes were printed on thin, poor-quality paper.

1940 France 1,000 Francs Banknote

2,250.00 US$

Catalog: PK 96a

Banque de France. Pk 96a and serial number G.485 641.
Unique large-sized note that received grade 67 PPQ (Premium Paper Quality) Superb Gem New by PCGS.
Great color on this note! Black serial number on the front of the note. Multicolor. Woman at left and right. Blacksmith and Mercury on the back.

German Occupation of Greece
Greece was occupied by the Axis forces (Germany, Italy and Bulgaria) from 1940 until the Allied pushed them away in 1944. The occupation devastated Greek industry and much of their infrastructure, severely impacting the economy. In the beginning of the occupation, the Germans readied normally inflated denominations for their Greek currency. This changed when the economy deteriorated, and the country wound itself into a hyperinflation with denominations sky-rocketing to 5.000.000 while still being virtually worthless. The Germans confiscated all silver coins resulting in a scarcity of currency, and then brought pre-war canceled banknotes back into circulation.

1000 DRACHMAI 1941 Banknote Greece Ionian Islands

795.00 US$

Pk M17a and serial number 0001 865373. Graded 65 PPQ (Premium Paper Quality) Gem New by PCGS with none graded finer according to PMG Population Report.
This marvelous note was well preserved over the years. Crisp original paper, bold embossing and strong colors are visible though the plastic holder.
Serial number located on the back of the note in black ink. Caesar head at left. Ancient frieze of two horsemen. Gaius Julius Caesar, known by his cognomen Julius Caesar, was a Roman politician and military general who played a critical role in the events that led to the demise of the Roman Republic and the rise of the Roman Empire.

German Occupation of the Netherlands
The Netherlands had the intention of staying neutral in the Second World War but the Germans were merciless and invaded the Netherlands on May 10th. Bankers quickly collaborated with the Germans and only had to change the dates on the print plates of the currently circulating banknotes, in the beginning.
But they also had designed new banknotes from 10 Gulden to 50 Gulden. With the Dutch government being in exile, they enlisted an American banknote company to prepare a liberation series of banknotes and coins for use if the Allied freed the Netherlands. These banknotes and coins were also for colonial use in Suriname and Curacao.

Netherlands 25 gulden 1943 Banknote

700.00 US$

Catalog: Mev.78-1A


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