Beautiful in themselves 50¢ 1929-S Walking Liberty

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MA-Shops continues to grow in the United States . Harlan J. Berk offers his amazing beautiful assortment.

Established in 1964, Harlan J. Berk, Ltd. is located in downtown Chicago’s business and financial district. This location has been a coin store since the 1940’s and Harlan J. Berk, Ltd. has conducted its business from this location since 1989.

Our facilities include a ground-level retail store and gallery on Clark Street. There are displays of U.S. and Foreign coins and currency, antique maps, as well as a large selection of books and supplies for the collector. Our store also contains three galleries of antiquities which are available for viewing during business hours.

For research and our ancient coin customers we have nearby private offices, libraries, and meeting places providing you with a relaxed atmosphere to conduct your business or research. Harlan Berk has 17 employees in all areas to serve your needs whether you are buying or selling.

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Year 5 = 70 CE Greek Judaea, First Revolt Shekel

65,000.00 US$

Material: Silver
Weight: 13.95 g
Judaea, First Revolt Shekel; Year 5 = 70 CE, Shekel, 13.95g. Hendin-1370a. Obv: Chalice with pearled rim, base is raised by projections on ends; Hebrew “Shekel of Israel” around, date (Year 5) above chalice. Rx: Stem with pearled bottom and three pomegranate buds; around Hebrew “Jerusalem the Holy”. From the Baldwin’s group of thirteen Year 5 shekels, all from the same dies as the previously unique example in BM: see Hendin’s note to his no. 1370.This coin is part of the Baldwin hoard that was originally condemned over 100 years ago, but about 25 years ago it was realized all of these coins are genuine based on one from the same dies that is in the British Museum. This coin is of exceptional quality. Near Mint State

Ca. 215-217 AD Caracalla Cameo

21,000.00 US$

Material: Silver
Caracalla Cameo; ca. 215-217 AD, A portrait cameo of two layers, white on blue-black. The Emperor facing right with heavy brow and creased forehead, the details of his characteristic short beard and curly hair crisply incised. He is laureate and wears a cuirass and paladamentum. L. 20mmOne virtually never sees Imperial period cameos unless you view the collection in Florence, Italy. What seems impossible does actually exist in large public collections, no doubt also in the Boston Museum of Fine Arts. Even though this cameo has a few edge breaks, the portrait of a mature Caracalla is flawless. This is in the Denarius section of the catalog because it is the size and type of an exquisite denarius, though it is a hand-carved cameo of one of the most villainous emperors of Rome. This cameo is a prize for anyone collecting Roman portraits or the coinage of Caracalla . No wear.

$10 1907 USA Indian

4,575.00 US$

First year of issue for this classic design. Both obverse and reverse are exceptionally clean, offer booming luster and vibrant, yellow-gold color. A true to grade plus coin. CAC Verified

50¢ 1893 USA Barber 

4,250.00 US$

Natural white with a hint of pale gold patina along with deeply reflective fields under nicely frosted devices allowing for a true Cameo effect. True to grade with very nice overall eye appeal. CAC Verified.

$1 USA Peace Dollar 1935

2,450.00 US$

Original, light toning, exceptionally clean, well struck and offering rich, full mint bloom frost.

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