All That Shines Isn’t Made Of Gold

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Not Gold, But Still Precious

When people think about precious coins, they mostly have large gold coins in their head, however expensive coins don’t need to be of a precious metal like gold and silver. There are a lot of coins made out of copper or nickel that are more expensive than an uncommon gold coin. In this blog we’ll discuss a few rare coins which are not made out of any precious metals.

The first coin that we are going to show today is a cent 1821, United States of America. It is cent that depicts the Coronet Head on one side and on the other side the text ‘United States of America’ and in the middle of the coin ‘one cent’ with an ornamentation around it. The coin that we are showing here is in an exceptional quality (MS64). In a more common quality this would already be a more uncommon coin but in this quality the price of the coin is $ 43500.

US 1821 1c PCGS MS64 RB

42,500.00 US$

Catalog: 1622
Diameter: 29.00 mm – Weight: 10.89 g
Material: Copper
Mintage: 389,000
Gorgeous remaining red tints in the obverse fields with bright golden red reverse surfaces. One of the finest in existence for this key date in the middle Large Cent years, a few scattered spots account for the color designation, but we have seen darker, less attractive pieces designated as “Red” in recent years. Tied with 2 other pieces at PCGS as the finest graded.

The next coin we ‘re talking about is coin from The Netherlands. It’s a ½ Cent from 1819. The ½ cent depicts on one side the Dutch king’s crown with under it a W, symbolizing the Dutch King Willem. King Willem was the first Dutch monarch and ascended the throne in 1813 and reigned until 1840.
On the other side of the coin the Dutch royal coat of arms is depicted. It’s a rare coin with a mintage of 144.000 pieces and most of them are destroyed.

Netherlands Kingdom ½ cent 1819 U

7,895.00 US$

Material: Copper

The third coin we’re showing today is normally not a coin that is more expensive than between 50 and 250 Dollar, but this example has a price card of 1799,99 Dollar. It’s a 1797 Penny in an exceptional quality, MS64. The penny has the nickname ‘cartwheel penny’ because of its enormous size, it’s the largest penny ever minted in Great Britain. It’s a beautiful coin depicting a very detailed portrait of King George III and a lovely scene of Britannia.

Great Britain 1797 George III Cartwheel Penny

1,799.00 US$

Red Brown Gold Shield
Soho mint. Rather SCARCE to be encountered in this Near Gem state of preservation, this exceptionally impressive specimen offers tremendous luster and problem free surfaces and rims.

There are many more rare coins that aren’t made out of precious metal, these were just some examples from MA-Shops. We want to show you one more:

Italy 5 Franchi 1805 Felix and Elisa

11,500.00 US$

Material: Copper
Weight: 20.17 g

The price of better and high quality non precious metal coins is already rising and it will rise even more over the years. MA-Shops offers a lot of coins in this category.

Written by Joël van Dam, Owner of Joëlnumismatics.

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